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Creating Herbal Poultices

Creating Herbal Poultices Herbal poultices are made up of healing ingredients and applied to the skin with the intention of drawing out infection and inflammation . Poultices can be hot or cold depending on the effect you’re hoping for. Warm poultices are designed to increase circulation to an area to enhance healing. A cold poultice can help with pacifying inflammation or redness.  To create a poultice of your own you will first need to begin with an intention. What is it that you are trying to heal? Is there a particular area of your body that needs healing or are you working on a deeper emotional level. Tune into your body and ask it what is needed. Allow your chosen...

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The Magic of Myrrh

  Myrrh is the golden sap from the Commiphora myrrh tree which grows wildly in old lands such as Somalia and by the Red Sea. The same red sea which, according to the bible, parted and made way to heaven or the promised land. In ancient times Myrrh was highly revered and often worth more than gold due to its magical ability to heal and repair all.     Myrrh is highly connected to the divine, and is considered a sacred offering to the gods. When you anoint yourself or bathe in Myrrh, you are honouring the golden god-like aspect within yourself.    As a sap, myrrh possesses a natural ability to reconnect and unite anything that has been severed, broken...

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Postnatal Recovery from a Naturopathic Perspective

The fourth trimester is a complete rebirth process; whilst bub comes into this physical world, mum is birthed into her new self as a mother. Naturally, this is a huge adjustment, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We’ve put together a list of some of the things that will help you and others you know in the fourth trimester; from wound healing to lactation and cracked nipples here are some simple and natural solutions. Wound Healing, Inflammation & Recovery Warm Baths: Bathing in warm water is a wonderful well to help with any pain. A warm bath will help with sore breasts as well as the uterus as iit contracts Mummy Soak Bath: Add 1/2 cup of our mummy soak to your bath; a...

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The Many Practices of Wellness Bathing

Bathing by definition is 'to cover something in a way that causes a pleasant feeling or appearance.' To immerse our physical bodies into nature is to engage in a complete healing and rejuvenating practice, for nature is our source and our giver of life. To honour the body is to honour the self.  In our apothecary, we create bath soaks that combine bathing in water with bathing in minerals, herbs and essential oils for a complete wellness experience. We bottle nature and charge it with light so that you can honour your body in your own sanctuary.  Wellness bathing can also be free and readily available should you like to seek it out. Here are a few of our favourite ways to bathe.  Water bathing  Bathing...

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Deeper meaning of emotions in the Body

 Image from Pinterest   Emotions are physiological sensations within our bodies, or as many have said ‘energy in motion’. The more embodied, grounded and present we are in our bodies the more we can recognise this as truth.  AN INVITATION Instead of writing this out, I would like you to experience this for yourself. Close your eyes... and visualise what LOVE feels like. Where do you feel this in your body? What does love do to your energy field, does it expand or contract? Now visualise SHAME, where do you feel this in your body? What does the sensation feel like? From these two examples you may be able to feel that emotions resonate on different vibrational levels. Emotions that...

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