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Liver Tea

Liver Tea

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This blend of nourishing herbs and traditionally used to fight environmental allergens such as mould and pollen that enter the body. Cooling and drying, many of these herbs  such as Eyebright, Licorice and Albizia help to relieve symptoms of hay fever whilst their counterparts bind and neutralise the allergens to efficiently expel them from the body.



Nettle, St Mary’s Thistle, Burdock, Dandelion, Ginger


Physical Body


Energetic Body


Rich in nutrients to nourish the blood, tissues and muscles. Supports the liver and cleanses through the kidneys

Wards off negativity and fear. Strengthens the will and ability to aid in emergencies
St Mary's Thistle Protects the liver from damage caused by excess toxins in the body as well as with diseases and ailments to the liver

Strength, perseverance, wisdom, aid in decision making


Nourishes and restores liver and gallbladder function

Cleansing negativity about oneself and others 


Full of essential nutrients to fortify a healthy liver and sustain the organs responsible for both primary and secondary stages of detoxification

Releases resentment, for inner calm & strength


Warming and circulation stimulating; bringing blood to the the muscles and tissues to promote healing

Promotes self confidence and sensuality. Helps with processing emotions.

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