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Skin Tea

Skin Tea

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Designed to help support healthy radiant skin, this blend of herbs are traditionally used to cool inflammation, clear skin congestion and stimulate the body’s detoxification pathways to make way for skin healing for a vibrant complexion that reflects a deep inner beauty.



Spearmint, Burdock, Echinacea, Calendula, Red Clover, Violet


Physical Body


Energetic Body


Cools inflammation, helps with digestive discomfort for better absorption of minerals

Cools an aggravated mind and wonderful healer


For vitality and liver-support. as well as expulsion of toxins from liver and kidneys.

Removes negative feelings about oneself or others


Lymphatic detoxification, neutralises toxins in the blood

Releases negative energies (fear and hatred) and raises ones vibration


Liver, lymph and blood cleanser; skin healing and restoration

Assists in creative endeavours as well as compassion in relationships

Red Clover
Blood cleanser, aids with chronic skin conditions and improves circulation in the capillaries 
Resolving emotional turmoil. Increases peace understanding of emotions
Violet Reduces skin inflammation  Self liberation and connection to deeper wisdom

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