Our Daylesford Apothecary elixirs are daily mind-body boosters, formulated by a naturopath using ingredients traditionally known to nourish and support the body and mind throughout life’s many seasons.

These powerful herbs have been used since ancient times for their potent medicinal benefits to correct imbalances and restore harmony within the body. 

Our 8 elixirs are designed to work specifically on a particular bodily system, however we acknowledge that the body works synergistically. Any imbalances or blockages from one system will likely affect or be affected by other systems of the body, hence why it is important to treat the body as a whole being.

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The Elixir Ritual

Our elixirs can be taken both individually but we believe they work best when paired with other complementary elixirs. Our recommended formula for integrating our body boosting elixirs looks like the following:


Begin with Gut + Stress

As the root of our health begins in our gut, it is important to first calm the gut and prepare the body whilst simultaneously working to dissolve stress and its toxic effects within the body, as well as nourishing the nervous system. Stress and gut health are so intertwined, as stress overload will dramatically impair the function of the gut, so only working on one without supporting the other will not allow for the body to heal fully.

Uplevel with Detox + Skin

Once the foundations of the body have been calmed and energy is being replenished, it is important to do a deep clean of the body to remove the toxins caused by stress. As the body supplants the toxins, the nutritive herbs in both Detox and Skin provide much needed care for the organs to ensure they are replenished and restored. Once the body is cleaned and deeply nourished, it will thank you with a healthy glowing complexion


Sleep and Metabolism

Now that the body is grounded, calmed, cleansed and nourished, Sleep and Metabolism elixirs work to mutually regulating the circadian rhythms within the body so that the body is supported to cease behaviours that no longer serve it. The body learns to re-regulate itself and is free to ask for what it truly needs.

And when it serves you, Immune

During seasons where your body is feeling off, and it’s defences are down the Immune elixir is the perfect remedy. Full of powerful anti-bacterial plants this elixir is designed to sustain your body and replenish a weakened immunity.



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