Crystal Essence Range

Each crystal harnesses its own unique energetic vibration and when used with intention can bring harmony and elevate the spirit. So, we’ve infused the essences of some of our favourite crystals into our current range of hand-crafted skin and body care products. 

Our crystal essences are created by cleansing and clearing our crystals of choice and then allowing them to infuse into our unique blends of essential oils before crafting them into our skincare.

With the addition of crystal essences, your skincare routine becomes so much more than just applying products. Each product you nourish your skin with comes with it’s own unique intention and raises your energetic vibration which you’ll then carry with you as you go about your day. 

If crystals are your thing, we invite you to add some more ritualistic elements to your body care routine, such as repeating affirmations, doing a small meditation or setting intentions for the day. 


Our current crystal infused beauty range includes the following crystals:

Rose Quartz

A source of pure love, Rose Quartz helps to open up the heart chakra so that love can flow in abundance. Ideal for cultivating self love and a love for others, this crystal has a beautiful energy that supports the release of fears, dissolve emotional barriers and help mend a broken heart.


A beam of radiant sunshine, Citrine works to spark inner joy and stimulate the internal passion for life; the kind that will light up the light in your eyes. Supporting the Solar Plexus Chakra, Citrine attracts abundance through cleansing and brightening the energetic field so that all flows easily and with joy. 


Ethereal moonstone is known to be a gem of the high priestess, keeper of goddess energy and divine feminine knowledge, making it a perfect stone for women. A guide for the third-eye chakra, moonstone enhances intuition and inner ‘knowing’ for a deeper connection to your true self. Intrinsically linked to the power of the moon, this healing stone helps us to ride the waves of emotions and reminds us that everything in life comes and goes. 

Black Tourmaline

The ultimate protector, mystical black tourmaline supports your auric field by shielding against the negative energies so that you can remain calm and grounded in your power. This crystal forcefield can clear and absorbs negative energies from within your subtle body to prevent against the physical manifestations that may occur as a result of accumulated stressors.


The deep radiant purple of an amethyst stone has long been accoladed as a royal stone, anointing many crowns and rings. A crystal used to represent the crown chakra, the powerful amethyst clears the mind and strengthens the intuition for a deeper knowledge of oneself. An ideal companion in mediation, Amethyst protects and clears negative energies from the auric field which in turn instills calm within the body.