11:11 and other Angel Numbers Explained

As you become more spiritually and energetically attuned to the world around you, and to the experiences that are happening for you, the more you open yourself up to receiving messages and guidance from your angels, or guides. This guidance can come to us in many ways; in the form of objects, auditory sensations, songs, spirit animals, but most commonly numbers.

It's likely that you have already started to notice some suspicious numbers appearing to you in your life, which is great because the first step to. receiving guidance is Awareness. By simply noticing a specific number or a pattern of numbers on repeat, is a sign that the angels are trying to tell you something.

Repeating 1's

Seeing 11, 111, or 11:11 constantly is a sign that the doors are open for you & the angels are here to support you to receive all that you desire. Listen to your intuition, focus on what you want & then invite it in without fear. In numerology, the number 1 represents new beginnings & unlimited potential, it's a sign of courage and following what you believe in.

Repeating 2's

A sign that it is time to create & act on your visions. You have something that you are ready to bring into the world & the angels are supporting you to make it a reality. The number 2 represents the imagination, taking responsibility & the creation of balance and harmony.

Repeating 3's

Seeing 3's is a sign that there is something you need to express with the world, or with someone in your life. Now is the time to share your truth or that thing that you have been creating with the world. Believe in & back yourself and you will be rewarded with abundance in many ways. Number 3 represents ambition, enthusiasm, creativity & personal expression.

Repeating 4's

You may be struggling with a period of hardship at this time, however the angels want to assure you that you are on the right path & you will soon be greatly rewarded for your work. You are laying the foundations for what is yet to come and all this work will be greatly rewarded. The number 4 is all about discipline, stability & practicality.

Repeating 5's

Change is on the horizon. Now is the time to release all that is no longer serving you to make way for the exciting things that are about to come through. Number 5 represents adventure, resilience, freedom & new directions.

Repeating 6's

Challenges are coming your way, particularly when it comes to relationships and keeping balance in your. life. Now is the time to prepare + strengthen your roots so that you can stay on path & overcome these difficulties.Number 6 denotes family, love, honesty & harmony.

Repeating 7's

A sign to rest and realign with your true purpose. Take time to be curious and explore more of what makes you joyful. Embrace your unique gifts & you will blossom infinitely. 7 is the number of solidarity, understanding, spiritual awareness & intuition.

Repeating 8's

It’s likely you’ve been placing too much value or obsession on the material world. Look inwards & there you will find the answers for what truly makes you happy. Number 8 symbolises power, strength, materialism, and authority.

Repeating 9's

This period of your life is coming to an end. All your past lessons are helping you to elevate into a higher version of yourself. 9 is the end of the cycle, it epitomises completion, selflessness, giving and compassion.

Repeating 0's

Guides are with you now, so open up & tune into the messages they are sending. The number 0 also amplifies the intensity when paired with other numbers. 0 signifies wholeness, connection to all and infinite potential.


You are spiritually evolving. Connect to your heart as it is your guide to accessing your higher self & the truth of your being.

Our favourite crystal for connecting with your intuition is Moonstone.

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