A Gratitude Ritual

Creating a regular gratitude ritual or practice is a beautiful way to find joy, and inspiration and to manifest in more of the things you love.

Setting up your space

Find or create a space that is sacred to you. Maybe you might like to light some candles, burn sage, incense or palo santo and play some beautiful music.

Having a citrine crystal with you, will make this experience more powerful.

Take a piece of paper and a pen before you settle into the space.

Begin by writing out everything that you feel grateful for in this moment. It could be loved ones, experiences, challenges or the simple pleasures.

Recognise one thing recently that you have felt the most gratitude for.

Close down your eyes and feel this gratitude as it flows through your body. Take a few breaths here, imagining this gratitude as a light warming your body.

How does this warming gratitude change how your body feels?

Take a moment to thank everything in your life that fills you with this warming light.

It is in this radiant state of gratitude that you attract more of what you desire.

Thank you.

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