A Grounding Daily Routine

Now more than ever, being in our second lockdown, I've noticed so many people really struggling to get through each day. It's really difficult to find peace and serenity when all structure and routine has seemed to have departed. When your living room has become the space for movie nights, but also for video calls, writing emails, doing yoga and eating your meals it's no wonder we feel overwhelmed and scattered.

When we feel this way, the best thing to implement is routine and structure. Scattered energy is contained in this way and thus cannot get to out of hand.

To create structure in your day, start with he morning. A new morning is a new beginning and a chance to lay the foundation for your mood and energy state for the rest of the day. Morning routines have become quite the trend, and one that has become quite hijacked by perfectionism and elite performance. For this reason so many people pull away from the idea, rejecting another way we're becoming socialised to be 'perfect', so if you feel this way I get you.

However, if you're struggling at the moment to have good days, I would recommend some practices to incorporate into your morning. The idea is really to be intentional and mindful. It doesn't really matter what you do, so long as you are paying attention to how your mind & body are feeling and then making a conscious intention to move them in a positive direction.

Here is the daily routine I follow, feel free to pick a few to create your own custom routine.

  • Wake up before the sunrise. I wake at 5:30am which gives me about 90 minutes of the 'silent darkness' that magical time in the morning before the world is awake, it feels to special to experience this time.

  • Cleanse the senses: Scrape my tongue, brush my teeth, wash & oil my face and ears. This really helps to wake the body up. I also drink a glass of warm water

  • Create a cozy space: I light a beeswax candle, put on the heater if its cold, get lots of cushions and blankets and prepare for some breathing and meditation

  • Pranayama (breathing): 3 minutes of kapalbhati breath which is great for warming the body especially in winter & stimulating the digestive system. Then 3 minutes of alternate nostril breathing

  • Meditation: 20 minutes of awarenesses meditation. It makes such a difference to my day.

  • Asana: Follow a yoga flow on YouTube or go for a walk/run outdoors

  • Nature Connection: I take a moment to gaze at the sun (or sky if there's no sun), then connect my bare feet on the earth, I then offer a blessing to my water.

Throughout the Day

  • Make the work day manageable by breaking it down in small chunks: Write a list of all that you have to complete in the day so you don't get overwhelmed or distracted. Then make the breaks fun & something to look forward to.

  • If you're working from home, I love to use the 50:10 rule for my work.

  • Essentially this looks like setting a time for 50minutes where you work without distraction and then a 10 minute break where you can do whatever you want.

Ideas for your 10 minute breaks:

  • Hip Stretches

  • Lie on the floor

  • Go and pick a flower posy

  • Make a cup of tea

  • Have something to eat

  • Watch a comedy video or two

  • Cuddle your pets

  • Water your plants

  • Clean a space in your house (if mess is an anxiety provoker for you)

  • Do a body scan and see where you're holding tension and how you're feeling on an emotional level

  • Do a guided meditation or transmission

  • Read 10 minutes of a book

  • Consult your oracle cards

Design the day you want to have when you're in a good mood and I guarantee it will be a great day. Don't listen to the self that is trying to make you feel sorry for it, instead listen to the self that knows what is best for you & allow them to guide you through.

Look after yourself, don't be too hard on yourself & seek out the little joys in each day.

All our love xx

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