A Meditation for Gratitude

Inspired by the Full moon in Capricorn, this guided meditation invites you to connect with the abundance that you currently have in your life. Finding gratitude for the abundance of all which exists around you, is the best state of mind to bring in all that you desire.

To enhance the power of this meditation, you might like to use a citrine crystal or apply a product infused with the crystal essence of Citrine.

Begin by sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Finding comfort in your body close your eyes down and allow your mind to settle into the moment. Focus your attention on your breath as it enters and leaves your body.

For just this moment, feel the ground beneath you, Mother Nature and her support. Feel the her warmth and energy moving up through your body as your relax further with every inhale, and exhale. Feel the warmth of relaxation as it moves through your body, starting at your toes and continuing up your legs as you allow them to relax. Flowing into you stomach and chest and up to your shoulders as you allow them to relax, removing any tension you are holding and simply letting go. Feel the warmth flow up through your neck and face allowing them to relax. Feel into your body noticing any points of tension you are holding and let them settle into a state of relaxation. 

Bring your attention now to the gratitude you have for your life. For the wonderful moments, people, places and environments you experience everyday. Whilst there are many things to be grateful for within your world, focus your attention on one particular thing you feel most grateful for today. Take this moment to acknowledge this in your heart, allowing a warmth to arise as you inhale, and exhale. A reminder of all the areas of your life you can find gratitude for.

Shift your focus now, to the abundance that exists all around you in your life. Abundance comes in many forms and every moment your life is filled with abundance. Slowing down and recognising an abundance is all it takes to present itself to you.

In this moment, you may find yourself drawn to one area of abundance in your life. The abundance of life you notice being out in nature, the abundance of love your family provide you with, the abundance of creativity your life’s work allows you, or the abundance you have in beautiful personal experiences every day. You may now notice some new areas of abundance you hadn’t noticed in the past. Abundance shows up easily for you and you are surrounded by abundance on all levels. 

Draw your attention to your solar plexus chakra, between your navel and your sternum. The solar plexus chakra is the seat of your personal power, self-worth and inner belief. Take note of how it feels within this space, as we call upon this chakra to assist us with bringing in personal power for manifestation.

As you feel into this space, notice any stagnant energy, negative or limiting self-beliefs you may be holding here. Imagine a ball of golden light forming in your solar plexus chakra, collecting up all the thoughts and energies that are no longer serving you. This ball of golden light grows larger and larger within you as is collects any thoughts of victimhood, negative self-worth or shame. Feel this beautiful warm light grow as is engulfs these negative feelings and emotions, removing them from attachment to you.

Inhale and feel into the emotion, exhale and release the energy from your solar plexus chakra.

It may project straight out from your body or make its way up through your body to the top of your head or crown chakra to release.When you are ready, connect again with your solar plexus chakra, now feeling lighter and filled with the space to manifest more abundance into your life. Continue to breath in more abundance, more abundance on all levels. 

Knowing you are now ready to receive and manifest abundance within your life, set an intention for yourself to manifest in your specific desires. Abundant love, abundant connections, abundant possibilities. Feel the abundant light of life rise up inside you and fill your soul. You possess everything you need to succeed. Take this light and carry it with you as you step forward in life, abundant on all levels. 

Now, when you are ready, open your eyes.

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