A Meditation for Grounding

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Begin Standing. Find a comfort in your body, allow the mind to open as you close your eyes. Connecting with your breath as you breathe in, and out.

As you breathe, begin to become aware of the soles of your feet. Direct pressure and energy down through the ball of the foot, the centre of the heel and the pinky toe mound into the ground. All 4 points of the foot connected.

Bend the knees slightly to allow your muscles to hold you and to feel your weight and connection to the earth.

Feel the sensations on your skin, maybe you can feel heat or the cool. Listen to the sounds vibrating around you. Take in any smells that waft in your space.

For just this moment, let go of your thoughts and the outside world, feel the ground beneath you, Mother Nature and her support. Feel her warmth and energy moving up through your body as your relax further with every inhale, and exhale. Feel the warmth of relaxation as it moves through your body starting with your toes and continuing up your legs as you allow them to relax. Flowing into your stomach and chest and up to your shoulders as you allow them to relax, removing any tension you are holding and simply letting go. Feel the warmth flow up through your neck and face allowing them to relax. Feel into your body noticing any points of tension you are holding and let them settle into a state of relaxation.

Connecting in with your breath as you breath in, and out…

The recent full moon in Taurus reminds us to ground ourselves in self-love, so that we are in a place of receiving all that we desire + more

There is a lot happening under the surface of this full moon so take the time to check in with yourself. Focusing on what you need to do right now that will ground and return you to your body. Regardless of whether you complete this meditation on the Taurus moon or any other time, we all get scattered and a grounding meditation & self check in is a super power.

To honour ourselves in this moment, we are going to practice a meditation designed to grounding ourselves mentally and emotionally.

Imagine a magnificent gold light radiating down through your crown chakra at the top of your head. The light feels warm and safe.

Allow this gold light to slowly flow through your body, this gold light is going to touch & open up each chakra point. Beginning with your crown chakra at the top the head this radiant gold light then moves to the third eye between the brow, it then passes to your throat and radiates this warm gold glow. The golden light melts into your heart & then moves down to your solar plexus, just below the diaphragm. It moves & opens the sacral chakra, and as it reaches your root chakra at the base of your tailbone, you become aware that these vibrant spinning energy centres, your chakras, are opened and balanced.

The gold light continues to move through you, all the way to your feet. It is a gentle, yet powerful light. It flows through the bottoms of your feet and into the earth. It moves like a waterfall until it reaches the core of the earth.

You gently slide down this gold waterfall of light into the centre of the earth. When you arrive, you are amazed at how glorious the scenery is. There are vibrant trees, flowers, and of course, the divine gold waterfall.

You see a bench that looks warm and inviting. You sit down in the midst of all this nature…

You inhale deeply and remember that you are sitting in the core of the earth. It feels amazing that you have learned to ground yourself so effortlessly.

You notice a large hole near the bench. This is the place to dump all of the excess energy that you’ve accumulated. Any flighty or anxious feelings placed in this hole will be re-purposed by the earth.

Let it all go! You don’t need to hold onto anything that doesn’t belong to you, that doesn’t serve you. Take as long as you need flushing excess energy into the earth until your body feels grounded.

When you are done, a beautiful white light emits from the hole. It pushes you back up and into your body. Though you are in your body, you still feel completely anchored to the earth. Your experience has shown you how to ground yourself with ease.

Any time you feel scattered or overwhelmed, close your eyes and remember your visual trip to the core of the earth.

Feeling physically and emotional grounded in your strength, bring your hands to prayer at your heart centre.

Recognise and bow down to the beautiful bright light that shines in each and every one of us.


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