A Ritual for Manifesting your Soul Mate

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Embrace the energy of Friday, Goddess Day (the day of love) & Goddesses Venus and Aphrodite to manifest in your soul mate connection to reality. This ritual is most effective on a Friday or a new moon, however you can complete it whenever you wish.

What you will need

  • 2 candles: one representing you and the other your partner, you can dress them with oils, flowers and herbs or inscribe different sigils, runes or words on them to personalise. Make this practice one with connection. Turn on some music, light some of your favourite incense or an incense blend to call in love, have fun with it.

  • A Rose Quartz crystal or crystal essence

  • Your journal + a pen

  • Your alter or space of connection where you won't be disturbed.

  • A red or pink flower

Spend some time crafting together your candles, one to represent you and the other to represent your lover.

Once complete, place your candles in a safe location where you plan to hold your ceremony.

TIP: to get your candles to stay upright in your holders or simply on a safe surface, melt down the bottom of the candle with a flame and allow the wax to drip to where you want to place it. Then swiftly place the candle on the dripped wax and hold for a few seconds.

Before you begin writing your lover into life, open your ceremony space.

Light your candles and recite:

‘ I call in Aphrodite, goddess of love, please open my heart to your guidance and direction to form a loving connection. I ask Venus to join me now, please pamper me with your beauty and ignite me with passion to find a lover so tender, I call upon you and surender.’

Place your flower offering at the base of your candles and recite,

‘I offer you this flower, a symbol of my heart, filled with love and beauty for a new romance to start’

Hold your rose quartz to your heart and breath in the energy on your inhale to connect your heart with your crystal.

Pass crystal through flames 3 times as you conjure the love from the goddess and yourself into the room.

Grab your journal and use this prompt, I call in a soul mate who is….

As you write, imagine the type of person, their energy, their values and their physical resemblance. Write about the connection the two of you have and how you bond together in this life. Write with conviction and passion, call forward your truest heart desires as you manifest into reality.

Once complete, read your manifestation back to your ceremony space. This is best done in voice and not in mind. Speak your soulmate into life.

Let your candles burn down, once compete carry your rose quartz in your pocket to bring in your soul mate. Always remember to thank your guide and goddess’ for their presence at completion.

Pay attention to the signs that will show up for you and put yourself out there to meet your new lover. You never know how and when they will show up for you.

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