All about Pisces….

Element : Water

Quality: Mutable

Ruler: Neptune and Jupiter

Symbol: The fish

Attracted to: Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio

Plants: Moss, Ferns, Seaweed, Water Lily, Lotus, Orchid

Protective Herbs: California Poppy, Angelica, Morning glory, Passionflower, Chickweed, Burdock

Remedy Herbs: Willow, Ginger, Sage, Elecampane, Witch Hazel, Nettles, Pine

Colours: Mauve, Purple, Sliver, Aqua

Crystals: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Bloodstone, Labradorite, Fluorite, Moonstone.

Tarot Cards: The Moon, The Hanged Man, The King of Cups

House: 12th: Spirituality and Self-undoing

Phrase: I believe

The watery sign of pisces is the twelfth and very last sign in the Zodiac calendar lending to is known attributes of being highly evolved and spiritually centered. A pisces can be an incredibly sensitive and intuitive sign, developing their self esteem and self worth through the art of giving. A compassionate sign, their heightened empathetic nature is greatly affected when they witness pain, suffering and hardship experienced by others. Often appearing to have their heads in the clouds, or in a dream like state, this shouldn't be mistaken as weakness as our pisces have an innate ability of getting to the heart of any issue.

When in a relationship with a Pisces, they will likely hold a lot of secrets and answers you're looking for as they can see the subtleties that most people can't. Many pisceans can take on a therapist role in a friendship as it seems that just have the answers.

One of the hardest things for a pisces is setting boundaries, however for their own wellbeing strong boundaries are essential. Whether these are relationship boundaries or their psychic boundaries, it is important for a pisces to protect their highly intuitive state so they dont take on the emotions, personas or heavy energy of those around them. It can be incredibly difficult for them to not take on these surrounding energies, but holding firm boundaries will help them stay aligned on their true path.

Pisces are known for…

  • Dangerous escapes involving addiction

  • Extreme sensitivity

  • Interest in the Occult

  • High Physic ability

  • Environmentally conscious

  • Compassionate in all situations

How to embrace the Pisces energy:

  • Tap into the deeper meanings behind situations through reflection and calling upon intuition.

  • Embracing compassion when faced with difficult situations. How can you be more compassionate to others? How can you be more compassionate to yourself?

  • Grounding yourself regularly by through walks in nature, a swim in the ocean and eating root vegetables.

  • Allowing yourself to look into and investigate your spirituality in whatever way that comes up for you without judgement.

Rituals to embrace Pisces energy...

Past life exploration, psychic development, blessing of water tools such as cups, cauldrons, and bowls, settling disputes and reconciliation, sacred bathing rituals and marking the ending/beginning of a cycle.

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