Are your Angels communicating with you?

After experiencing one too many coincidences without a 'rational' explanation, having questions or desires answered in strange but beautiful ways & noticing specific things in my daily suddenly holding a large significance I slowly became convinced of a higher universal force at play.

Within this universal force, I have come to believe that we are always protected and divinely guided by a team of angels or spirits. These angels are here to keep us aligned with our true selves and allow us to reach our truest potential.

Signs from our angels usually begin very gently & subtly, and the more we start to notice and follow them, the stronger they will get. Your angels/guides do not want to scare you off so that will only provide you with what you are open to receiving.

Here are some common signs that your angels are sending you messages:

Repeated Numbers

Do you keep noticing the same number or set of numbers everywhere? Maybe on your phone, in house numbers, on signs or in other unexpected places. Seeing the same numbers everywhere is a good sign you’re on the right path. However all number patterns mean different things, so you might like to refer to THIS ARTICLE we wrote about them.


Recently I've been seeing white feathers everywhere, when normally I would rarely notice them! Seeing feathers is a beautiful sign from your angels that you are divinely guided & supported on your current path.

White Feathers: Have faith in your path, you are always protected

Black Feathers: Your guides are protecting you against negative energies being thrown at you.

Red Feathers: Your courage and strength in this situation is not going unnoticed, you will be rewarded with goodness to come

Yellow Feathers: You're taking life a little too seriously, so have a little more fun & get back to your childlike nature. This will elevate your vibration and bring in so much more goodness for you!

Green Feathers: Abundance + amazing opportunities for growth are coming your way. It's also a good sign that you're letting your heart lead, and the angels are happy about this.

Blue Feathers: Pay more attention to your communication, maybe you need to share something with someone, or someone is trying to tell you something. Either way the angels want you to know to be receptive to hearing + sharing your truth.


Finding money is always a fun suprise, but can also be a sign from your angels that you are being provided with the gifts & abundance you require at this time. Maybe for a specific opportunity you've been wanting, or something you've been manifesting. Open yourself to receiving & remember it doesn't always appear in the way you would expect.

Song Lyrics or Words

If you feel your attention suddenly drawn to a song or a word, this could be your guides trying to answer a question or tell you something.

Symbols or objects

Seeing the same symbol or object over and over could mean that your guides are trying to tell you

something. Research the ‘spiritual meaning of X object/symbol' to explore more about what your specific object means for you at this time. For instance, I've been seeing so many Monarch butterflies recently which symbolises rebirth, new beginnings & new opportunities.

Physical Sensations

Goosebumps, butterflies in your solar plexus, ringing in your ears or touch sensations are all signs from your guides directing you in some way. Listen to your intuition & your body. Does this sensation make me feel good, or a little off? This will help you to discern whether you're on the right path or not.

Whether you listen to the guidance from your angels is completely up to you. However, the more closely you work with your team of angels, the faster you'll get to where you want to go. That said, whatever decisions you make throughout your life, you are always supported. They do not discriminate or punish you, they only have love to give.

What other ways have you experienced angel guidance in your life?

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