Cleansing with Palo Santo & White Sage

Palo Santo and White Sage, sacred cleansing tools used in rituals and practices with ancient roots.

If you’ve used, or heard about these to these two sacred cleansing tools, you may hold the common misconception that they’re both serving the same purpose.

Whilst, yes, they are both powerful at cleansing energy, understanding the subtle differences between the two is a great way to begin to harness the benefits and use them to your advantage.

White Sage

Your go-to for neutralising negativity.

White Sage has been considered for centuries as a sacred cleansing, purifying and protective plant. Sage is used in cleansing rituals known as ‘Smudging”, where the dried sage is lit with a flame and the smoking bundle is then passed around a space, person or object. A smudging ritual is usually employed to rid a person, space or object of negative energy, negative thoughts or bad spirits.

You may have heard of people cleansing a new home that has strange energies, or even cleansing themselves following a sequence of bad luck.

Sage emits negatively charged ions which counteracts the positively charged ions that fill our own energetic fields or ‘aura’. Through the process of smudging we can neutralise out aura or energetic field of other spaces or objects to cleanse and renew. A neutralised energetic field allows us to welcome in a positive shift in vibration.

The important disctinction about White Sage is that it doesn’t discriminate between energies. It is a master neutraliser and it acts to neutralise both positive and negative energies, giving you a complete renewal and opportunity to reestablish and reset a new energy vibration.

Palo Santo

Calms and invites a positive vibration

Palo Santo use originates with the people of South America, who used it as an essential tool in their sacred rituals for its energetic cleansing and healing properties. Today Palo Santo has continued to be used, much like White Sage, to cleanse spaces, objects and people. The sweet aromas of Palo Santo smoke evokes a positive vibration and a sense of calm and clarity, making it a perfect accompaniment to a meditation practice.

Unlike White Sage, which neutralises all energies both positive and negative, Palo Santo able to dispel negative energy whilst inviting positive energy in. If you’re feeling like you’re lacking inspiration or clarity, Palo Santo is a great tool to use.

Creating your own cleansing ritual is a beautiful act of self care, and one of the best ways to reset and tune in to the subtle energies within and around you.

If you currently have a cleansing ritual of your own, or you’re considering practicing with one, we invite you to consider using this powerful duo of White Sage and Palo Santo together for an upgraded cleanse.

Your White Sage will cleanse stagnant or sticky energies that reside within yourself or your space, creating a clear pathway for Palo Santo to invite in the positive energy. This is also a great way to upgrade the cleansing and programming of new crystals for manifestation.


A ritual to assist you with clearing out the negative and bringing positive energy into you life.

For this cleansing ritual you will need the following:

A Candle

A White Sage Bundle

A Palo Santo Stick

Before you begin, find a space that you feel calm,connected and undisturbed. Then, take a moment to connect in with yourself and recognise the energy flowing through yourself and the space around you. It may be stagnant or uninspired, influenced by others who have been near or busy with chaotic movement. Whatever is coming up for you, feel free to write it down or just reserve that thought in your mind for the cleansing ritual.

When you feel ready, light your candle to signify the start of the ritual. Once your candle has been given the time to come to full flame, use this flame to light your White Sage bundle. After around 10 seconds, blow out the flame on your sage bundle creating the sacred smudging smoke. Move the sage around, encouraging the smoke to cover all corners of your space. Ask the smoke to remove the negative energy you identified prior to starting the ritual.

Ensure you have an open window or door for the smoke to carry out the negative energy from your space. If you need to repower your sage bundle at any time, head back to your candle to reignite. Utilize the same process for yourself, covering all areas of your body from head to toe whist asking the identified energy to be removed. Once complete, place your sage in a safe surface near your candle as you prepare to bring in new energy with your Palo Santo.

Again, now that the energy has been removed, take a moment to connect with yourself. You may want to set some intentions for yourself and the space. Write these down, or hold them in your mind.

Ignite your Palo Santo with your candle and let the flame hold for around 30 seconds before blowing out the flame, and releasing the sacred smoke. Repeat the process of reaching all areas of your room and covering yourself from head to toe with the smoke whilst asking your specific positive energy and intentions to be brought in. Take a moment to feel your intentions and the energy you are asking for. Get specific for how it feels to you, what positive emotions it provides you with and how it shows up in your life.

Once your Palo Santo smoke has cleared, your ritual is almost complete. Place your Palo Santo with your sage on a safe surface by your candle. When you feel you are ready to accept this new energy you have brought in, Thank this new energy for joining you now and into the future, and blow out your candle.

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