Embodying the Goddesses of Love

Embodying love, sensuality & feminine power are goddesses Venus & Aphrodite. Understanding their significance & the symbolism of each is a beautiful way to guide us toward being the empowered & love filled goddesses we are at our core. Do you resonate more with Venus, or Aphrodite?


The roman goddess Venus was originally associated with gardens, vegetation and vineyards. She is also known as the goddess of love, beauty, sexual passion, motherhood and marriage. Venus is perhaps the most famous and honored goddess of the heart. She can influence a sense of style and appreciation for all creative arts and culture and each individual's approach to romance. Who you find attractive and your own personal attraction can also be guided by calling in Venus along with your attitude towards finances and material possessions. Venus worked hard to find her own happiness and joy and when you embrace the venus energy you'll find yourself pouring love from your eyes for attraction with a sense of sass in your walk. Venus loved to pamper herself to cultivate her beauty, she was the queen of self care and loves the reflection of a mirror.

Venus truly has become the symbol for the essence of femininity. Whether you are a man or a woman, she knows true happiness occurs only after you learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Embodying Venus

  • Embrace your own personal style + dress up in a beautiful outfit, jewellery & give yourself a makeover and be shameless about how hot you look.

  • Express your love through art & creating things with your hands. Allow the love to flow through into whatever you create.

  • Decorate your most-used mirror with beautiful items, lighting, flowers & affirmations of beauty. Stand in front of the mirror and compliment yourself on your inner & outer beauty.

  • Enjoy the beauty all around you. Pick flowers & make a posy for your home, diffuse your favourite essential oils, get out your best tea cups or champagne glasses and indulge in you.


In Greek mythology, Aphrodite loved and was loved by many gods and mortals making her known as the goddess of love, beauty and sexual euphoria. Aphrodite will teach you about tenderness, loyalty and the difference between unconditional and conditional love whilst also bringing to your attention lust and the primal life-giving energy of sexual delight. She will show you that loving and honoring yourself is one of life's greatest gifts and that by loving yourself first allows you to accept and find the love of another.

Aphrodite reminds you what a gift the body is and how magnificent sexuality in all its expressions can be. She is the ipitomy sensual experience, whether you’re eating your favourite desert or having passionate sex, she will show you how to fully savor the experience and amplify your five sences to the fullest. Aphrodite will show you how to use your body in ways you have never thought possible. Invoke her energy to unleash your passion, enhance your sexuallity and leart to love with all your heart.

Embodying Aphrodite

  • Buy some beautiful lingerie that makes you feel amazing, just for you.

  • Treat yourself to an indulgent meal in a beautiful setting and savour the flavours & embracing all five senses

  • Create a pamper experience for yourself and indulge all senses. Smell - Diffuse your favourite essential oils, Touch- Self massage with Rose Quartz Body Balm, & Soak in a Bath Soak, See - place beautiful flowers in your space & light candles, Taste - Make yourself a delicious elixir hot chocolate, or a platter of organic fruit dipped in chocolate & feel like a queen. Listen - put on a sensual, playlist that makes you feel in tune with your feminine

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