Full Moon in Capricorn | July 2019

Full Moon in Capricorn

July 2019

Self-worth, Career and Happiness

Are you prepared for the power punch of tonight’s Full Moon in Capricorn made even more powerful with a Lunar Eclipse? Known in the northern hemisphere as the Thunder Moon,

This Full Moon in Capricorn paired with a Lunar Eclipse is set to pack some cosmic punch when it comes to self-worth, career and what ACTUALLY brings you happiness.

This moon has a rather serious vibe to it as it has Saturn’s imprint all over it, the planet of being responsible and fixing things. Prepare yourself for some an influx of thinking around where your life is heading. You might begin to question whether you’re on the right path and what areas that require change? Now is the time for reflection and action. If you are moving down a life path that doesn’t truly align with your core values, now is the time to go deep and reassess.

Capricorn full moon shines its inspector’s high beams on your life, revealing where you may have cut corners or skipped steps on your path. If you got distracted from your mission, these Capricorn moonbeams may motivate you to pick up the ball and run with it again. It’s never too late to start over!

With the Sun sitting in Cancer, this Full Moon focuses on your personal life and emotional state. The moon in Capricorn, which governs Career, may have you thinking deeply about work/life balance. If one is over shadowing the other it’s time to make a change. The Capricorn moon will also travel in close proximity to Pluto this month, sounding the call for transformation. With the intensified eclipse beams lighting the shadows of Pluto, prepare for a potentially shocking look under the hood of your own psyche and motivations. Power dynamics and structures could be up for major questioning. Capricorn rules authority figures, governments, institutions and hierarchies. A ground-shaking eclipse here will impact these areas.

This moon will also play its part in removing what no longer serves you. Think about those things you’ve felt you are ‘supposed’ to be doing, but deep down know that they no-longer align with what you want anymore. If you have areas in your life you feel obliged to do, but no longer light you up, it’s now time to let them go. This moon is all about your happiness in all areas of life, and now is the time to let go of that which is dragging you down.

Earlier we touched on the aspect of self-worth arising with this moon, so let’s dive deeper into how this may show up for you. When calling in those things that light you up, and create happiness in your life, you may start to tap into feelings of unworthiness. Thinking about these big life changes, you may tap into your perceived worthiness and doubts. Remember these are just shadows, and in order to reap the benefits, you need to push through.

This Moon will support your commitment to inner happiness as long as it feels true to you, not what others expect of you. Dive deep into yourself and light your own path to an abundance of inner happiness.

The deep thoughts you’re having could lead to some pretty big changes. Maybe you will decide to change career, or realise the relationship you are currently in is no longer filling you with happiness. It could be as simple as deciding to change the way you nourish or talk to yourself. The changes you make now could make some serious waves which will impact you, your environment and the people around you for the next few weeks, or months. The power of this mean means that any changes have the potential to be the catalyst that changes the direction you are heading within your life.

Lay down your thoughts into plans and embrace the energy of this Full Moon to power you forward. Remember this is happening for you, not to you.

Love DA xx

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