Full Moon in Gemini | December 12th 2019

Happy Full Moon! Our last full moon of the year is going to be a magnificent one closing out the decade before we head into 2020. The highlight of this Full Moon in Gemini brings our attention to Love, Finances, boundaries and the resolve of anything we are yet to move though from the last decade before we step into the next.

This Full Moon occurs during a rare triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto. With Venus playing a huge role in our love and finances, this lunar shift may create a difficult two weeks as these two aspects of our lives are tested. A crisis involving Love and/or Money may come to head forcing us to asses our patterns and behaviours to make the necessary adjustments required in these areas of our lives to restore balance. Deep self reflection and internal investigation will require your attention to move through this and resolve before moving forward into the new decade.

Saturn can create a feeling of restriction and Pluto can bring feelings of fear. It is important to stay mindful of this as we try to mentally navigate the changes we are about to experience. With Venus running the show right in between Saturn and Pluto you will feel the hit of this transit earth side starting to feel uncertain about the relationship and where you stand with the people in your life. Feeling pressured to act a certain way with those around you will come up, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Now is the time of preparation in creating and holding yourself accountable to your own set of healthy yet firm personal boundaries. You have no obligation to place yourself in uncomfortable positions just for another person’s comfort. This is a time to be mindful of your heart and your emotions. You owe it to yourself to seek what elevates you and brings you joy. It is by no means selfish to want these things. Relationship shifts are happening, and we may feel subtle impulses to work through challenges and tension in a new and more productive way.

Now is a great time for work of self and doing deep internal healing by connecting to the very pulse of the Universe through self-reflection, journaling, and meditation, we can allow ourselves to not only process the truths that come to light, but also make amends and process any remaining and underlying trauma that may get stirred up. By granting ourselves permission to revisit old wounds and work through past difficulties, we allow ourselves to realize our deepest truths and create peace and harmony within our souls. We have a deep and profound desire to realise our higher calling and break free of anything that stands in our way. This is a time to create a sacred space for ourselves and let gratitude flow uninterrupted from our beings. We are about to be blessed one final time for the year by the glow of this bountiful Moonlight as we emerge with a wiser perspective than we have ever had before.

This Gemini Full Moon brings a sense of duality as we observe the twin sign causing us some inner tension as we try to navigate our emotions and take the steps that we need to take moving forward. This energy may feel intense at first but ultimately will offer us incredible vibrations to help us on our personal journeys. We may experience challenges, but we will also quickly have the clarity to see the blessings that can arise from those obstacles.

Let go of any heaviness weighing you down. Let go of any weight you have been carrying that is not yours to carry. This is our final lesson from the Universe to help us work through any unresolved issues from the year, make a final assessment of any last changes that still need to be made, and ultimately embrace the start of this next year with a feeling of excitement and unconditional belief.

Happy Full Moon x

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