Full Moon in Leo - February 9th 2020

This evenings Full Moon in passionate and loving Leo will allow you to take the lead in your life and stop anything keeping you playing small. Now is the time to shine your light outward and put your truth out into the world. This Full Moon being the first of the cosmic portal of two Supermoons, will be the largest we experience in 2020 beaming the beautiful light and heightened energy upon us all after what has seemed to be the dark period and heavy energy of the last few months.

Our Leos love a stage and the gift of this full moon is providing you with the strength and courage to step out onto your own. This Full moon will affect and give power to all the zodiac signs with our fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Sorpio feeling the effects the most. The fixed signs of the zodiac are stabilizing signs that root in to bloom fully in fruition. These signs will be required to dive deep into doing the work required to embrace the full gifts of this moon. 

As Full Moon energy often asks us to rid what no longer serves us to continue on our path, this moon is no different. What we need to let go of now are all the things keeping us playing small and preventing us from showing up for our truest potential with courage and passion. 

We are also supported with the Moon Trine Mars, the planet of motivation assisting us with the courage to go from a follower to a leader, to drive forward with our passions and make the first move. Our heightened intuition will have you receiving those “arrhh haa” moments of what it is your truly want to accomplish and how to get there. This is a perfect time to grab your journal and free write. Try using the journal prompt; what does my true self want to achieve in this life? 

You are devinly supported to step out and go for your dreams by the comic alignments above right now. By processing your fears of what is keeping you small or hidden away you will be able to embrace this energy knowing as you move through letting this go. 

Asking yourself the following questions will help set you up to embrace this energy. How are you showing up in the areas of your life right now? How are you being present and how are you putting yourself forward to bring to fruition the goals you have put out to the universe to manifest? Dive in deep and be honest and sincere with yourself as to what it is you truly want and how you can put yourself out there to manifest that into your life. You are devily supported with the gift of motivation to achieve your truest desires and goals right now. 

Positioning yourself with a sense balance will be important as you move through this transition as the Moon is forming a inconjunct to Neptune which can show up and conflicting emotions. Creating and always assessing your sense of balance through this time will allow you to continue to move through with ease and prevent any procrastination or stalling along your path. Keeping a keen eye on your emotions will keep your incheck from going too far down the emotionally sensitive or pure ego track. Allow yourself to feel what comes up for you and assess where that sits on the balance scale that is right for you. 

With all that said, Our Full Moon in Leo is the beaming light of positive energy we have been craving for quite some time. It's time to put yourself out there. The portal into the next phase of transit is here for us and you best be prepared to show up with motivation to face your fears and move through it anyway. You are divinely supported to go for your dreams, what acts of playing small are you going to let go of to embrace the gifts of this full moon? 

Pop them in the comments below and show up for your full potential. Together, We’ve got this! 

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