Full Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Full Moon in Saggitarius

27th June 2019

Tonights full moon in Sagittarius, is also known as the Strawberry Moon or the Rose Moon. Packed with potency it will appear full for about 3 days, allowing you to navigate through the emotions and situations that may arise.

This is a great time to work on the relationships in your life, romantic or otherwise, by showing affection to your loved ones, recognising their importance in your life and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to encourage further intimacy in your relationships. Consider investing more time and effort this month to work on your relationships and appreciate all the love you experience in your life.

This full moon also offers you the opportunity to look inwards to your relationship with yourself.

Assess how you’re investing in your yourself. How are you caring for your body and spirit? What are those little niggles, body or mind, telling you about your self-care? Now is a wonderful time to reinvest in yourself, and to connect more deeply with your intuition guiding you towards what you truly need at this time. Draw on your inner strength to cut any cords you may have been holding onto from the past so that you can fly freely into the future.

Promoting change on small and grand scale, this energy of this Sagittarius moon means it is a wonderful time for setting up new goals and let go of what no longer serves us.

Take this time to look into the patterns you keep repeating that are preventing you from moving forward. Embrace the change and let go of any past beliefs or patterns that may be limiting you. You may find yourself feeling more optimistic than usual this full moon.

Providing you with the support, courage and determination this Moon will allow you to move forward with a fresh perspective and positive mindset.

Because Sagittarius loves the idea of travelling you may find yourself wanting to launch into an adventure to a faraway place, or expand on your knowledge into new territory. This might be a great time to book in the class you have always been wanting to try or take an intellectual adventure by learning about a new topic you have always been curious about.

Let love and relationships lead the way for the remainder of this month and stand in your courage when required to let go of what no longer serves you. You will always be supported in this new transformational period by the Full Moon In Sagittarius.

A Full Moon Ritual for Cleansing the Heart

Begin with a piece of paper and a pen. Find yourself in a comfortable space. You might want to light some candles, burn some sage or incense and turn on some healing music.

You may like to begin by writing out all past hurts, situations, patterns, people that may be necessary to let go of in order to move forward.

Once all that was heavy on your heart is now down on paper, take a moment to send love to yourself and to others by acknowledging that now is the time to let these things go.

Complete the cleansing by safely igniting your list, placing it into a fire or simply cutting it up into small pieces. These pieces no longer serve you and can be discarded.

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