Glowing Summer Skin

Summer time can be a challenging season to keep our skin in tip top condition.

The sun, the sea, environmental factors and even air conditioning can contribute to some of the skin irritations and discomforts we find ourselves battling through the warmer months.

It’s not although as difficult as you may think to find a healthy balance and still enjoy the summer sunshine and waves, as well as keeping cool without leaving your skin feeling dull and lifeless.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to seasonal changes and you might find that you have to adjust your daily skin care routine to ensure your skin stays nourished and fresh throughout the year.

I definitely notice the changes in my own skin. In summer my skin loves a light but nourishing day cream and I always ensure I wear a higher natural SPF. Come night time I love to slather my skin in a rich and moisturising oil, which helps my skin regenerate while I sleep.

At Daylesford Apothecary we know how beneficial natural remedies are in aiding that perfect natural glow. Ensuring we nourish our bodies from the inside out with skin friendly foods and tonics is a great start. After all ‘we are what we eat’

Developing a good skin care routine is also top of the list when it comes to supporting your skin on it’s journey to natural radiance.

Here are some of our favourite remedies for that summer glow;

Keep hydrated, your skin loves, loves, loves water, water and more water. Keeping a BPA free water bottle/jug close to hand will remind you to keep hydrated throughout the day. In doing so, you will be giving your body a helping hand to flush out toxins, which will leave your skin radiant and plump.

Using a higher natural SPF in the summer months is super important. Prolonged and excessive UV exposure can cause permanent damage to your skin, leaving you with sunburn and wrinkles.

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The heat and humidity may leave your skin a little clogged, which can lead to blemishes. Finding a cleanser that is balancing and free from harsh chemicals, without stripping your skins natural oils will keep breakouts at bay and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Exfoliating gently helps to buff away any dead skin cells which can build up and clog your pores. You may find that exfoliating once a week does the trick. It’s equally important to not over exfoliate as it may leave your skin feeling a little sensitive. You may like to try a DIY exfoliant at home? Sugar/salt/oats/coffee/milk/citrus are all great as a base for a home made scrub!

Toning your skin is possibly one of the most important skin care steps, which will leave your skin clean and oil free. Focusing on your t zone is beneficial as this is usually where oil builds up the most during the summer months. Surprisingly, you may find some great natural toners in your pantry/fridge…apple cider vinegar/chamomile/green tea/cucumber and rose water are all great options! A cold shower is also a great way to firm, tone and close your pores.

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Moisturising is just as important in the summer months as it is in the winter. I find that my skin loves a light but nourishing moisturiser in the day and a beautifully rich oil at night to help restore and rejuvenate my skin cells while I sleep. You may also find that keeping a face mist/floral water filled with nourishing essential oils will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day too.

Fuelling your body with antioxidants will leave you feeling beautiful from the inside out! Seasonal fruits and vegetables, wholefoods and nourishing oils will boost your vitamin and nutrient intake, help regenerate new skin cells and protect your skin from environmental factors. Berries, broccoli, omega rich fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil are some of our favourites!

Keeping active does wonders for your skin, exercise increases blood circulation and carries oxygen to your skin leaving you with a natural glow and rosy cheeks. Being active doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym or take up hard core running schedules. Move in a way that makes you feel great…gentle walks, dancing a little crazy to your favourite tunes and swimming are all fun yet effective options.

Sleep is the perfect tonic for beautiful skin! While we sleep our body is pretty busy repairing and clearing our bodies of toxins. If you find it difficult to drift off to sleep, why not try an evening ritual that will have you nodding off in no time. I find that body scrubbing, a relaxing salt bath, nourishing my skin with my favourite body oil and sipping on chamomile tea prepares my body for a restful sleep.

Some make up/face products may leave your pores clogged, which can lead to breakouts. With your beautiful summer glow, you may find that you don’t feel the need to wear makeup. Try a make up free day, your skin will love you for it!

Wishing you all a glowing summer!

Much love

D from the Miche Sisters x

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