Goddess day is the new Valentines Day

Valentines Day can get a pretty bad wrap, it’s become synonymous with consumerism and performative displays of love. The expectations and pressure have become excessive for many, whilst the meaning and heart connections are left to the side.

So, we'd like to propose a bit of a different celebration this Friday. A day for self love & connecting with our own innate Goddess energy.

Friday 14th - Goddess Day

First, let’s consider the cosmic alignment of Friday the 14th. Friday’s are considered the best days for love and connection. They are named after Freya, the Northern lady of love and also an homage to other powerful spirits of love; Aphrodite, Oshun & Venus.

Friday is the day to honour your inner love goddess & connect with your heart. It’s time to  give yourself the love you need, rather than waiting for someone else.

There is a beautiful quote by Deepak Chopra that sums it up well:

‘The love you feel is a reflection of the love you feel in yourself.’

Ceremony to reconnect with your innate love

Begin by connecting with your Heart Chakra

Take your Rose Quartz crystal, a beautiful flower, a crystal essence or anything that represents inner love for you. Place it on your heart.

Close down your eyes and feel a warm green light flooding through your heart chakra. Allow it to fill up & radiate all through your body. Stay connected with this space.

Self Reflection:

Either with your eyes still closed or with a pen and paper ask your heart the following questions:

  • In what moments or situations am I unkind to myself?

  • If I were a 5 year old child, how would I treat myself differently in these situations?

  • Where am I holding back in life?

  • What bold step can you take to face your fears toward something you truly desire?

  • What does a loving relationship look like to you? Is this the relationship you have with yourself? If no, what changes can you make to add more love to your personal love.

  • What are 5 things you LOVE about your body?

  • What are 5 things you’re proud of yourself for?

  • What are 5 things about your personality that you LOVE?

Self Talk

Find a mirror & look straight into your eyes and express love to yourself. Be honest & allow whatever emotions to come. It might seem a little strange or difficult at first, but repeat it enough and you’ll begin to believe it - it’s truly powerful.

Allow yourself to Receive

Finally, give yourself a gift of love. This could be an experience, a treatment, a bath with a beautiful bath soak, or buying a book you’ve been wanting. You are worthy of whatever you desire, so allow yourself to receive this gift of love from yourself. When you can give an receive love freely, independence & freedom is truly yours.

Bathe in Beauty

Run yourself a bath and fill it with herbs, flower essences and crystals that symbolise self love. Try our Rose Quartz Bath Soak, or Avalon Bath Soak. Upgrade your bath with fresh flowers from the garden, Bluebell & Philotheca flower essences. As you bathe, allow your aura to be cleansed by the salts & the beautiful rose petals & essential oils to nourish your heart chakra.

Finally, here is a beautiful meditation for bringing in more love.

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