Grounding Yoga Flow

When you feel the energy around you is starting to become chaotic, your energy is scattered or you feel you’ve lost your centre, this yoga flow will help to ground and bring an internal calm to your being.

Honour your body & allow your body to receive the healing that comes when you connect with Mother Earth below.

Begin in Baddha Konasana, maybe flutter the legs to bring some movement then fold forward.

Exhale as you roll over into tabletop pose. Inhale as you pull the chest forward into cow pose. Exhale as you dome your back into cat pose.

Inhale back to downward dog. Pedal out your feet & ground your hands and feet into the earth finding your centre. Stay here for 3 breaths.

Inhale as you step your feet forward. Exhale to stand in tadasana.

In Tadasana, exhale to the side, inhale to the centre. Repeat for 3 full breaths.

Now move into Goddess Squat. Hold here for three complete breaths.

Rotate towards your front leg into a star pose. Exhale as you pivot your bottom hand to to the floor & top hand to the sky. Hold here for 3 breaths.

Rotate towards your front leg into a low lunge, 3 breaths here. Exhale as you fold your chest over your front knee.

Inhale to Skandasana on the right, hold here for 2 breaths. Exhale as you float to the left for another 2 breaths.

Repeat the same flow on the opposite side.

Inhale to lunge, exhale as you fold over your front knee.

Inhale as you move into Trikonasana, exhale as you lift into star pose.

Come back to goddess squat for 3 breaths. Repeat this standing flow on both sides.

Hold each pose for a full breath, or longer if you feel called.

Come to stand in tadasana, feel your feet ground into the earth.

Then reach your hands up to the sky in a prayer offering to Mother Earth & her support.

Sit back into chair pose, take 3 deep breaths here.

Inhale as you reach your right leg back & reach your arms up to warrior one. 3 breaths here.

Then exhale as you forward fold over your front knee, arms float backwards.

Inhale to tadasana, exhale as you reach your arms up to the sky.

Repeat as you flow through chair pose, warrior one, plus your forward fold on the left side. Take 3 breaths through each pose.

Exhale as you walk your hand to meet your feet at centre in a forward fold.

Inhale to downward dog. Take 3 long breaths here as you feel the energy of the earth rising through the palms of your hands and soles of your feet.

Come to sit cross legged. Pause here and feel the deep rooted connection you have with the earth and a centring within.

Float the soles of your feet to touch in butterfly pose. Stretch and breathe here.

Release your left leg forward. Inhale as you reach to the sky. Exhale as you fold over your left leg.

Repeat on the right leg.

Come to lie on your back and squeeze your knees into your chest.

Release into Savasana for your grounding meditation.

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