How Cycles of the Moon Might Affect your Skin

New Moon


The new moon is a gentle, slower and more grounding energy. If you think about it from a seasonal perspective, the new moon would represent winter, and thus reflects a slower, more grounding stretch of time.

When it comes to skincare and beauty rituals, you want to focus on keeping your skin clean and avoid excess congestion which can come about because of this more stagnant energy. It is also a great time for longer beauty rituals, such as massages, infused baths and products infused with herbs or spices with a warming effect.

Products from the Apothecary that support the New Moon Phase

Sleep Bath Soak

Avalon Bath Soak

Liver tea

Moonstone Face Cleanser

Relaxing Herbal Steam

Waxing moon


The energetics of the waxing moon are very expansive as nature, on a macro level, and our bodies, on a micro level, work to replenish and create new things. The waxing moon is representative of Spring.

This regeneration of the waxing moon suggests the skin is more absorbent, so this is a great time for face & body masks and thicker body balms. It is also important to consider beauty from the inside and replenish vitamin and mineral stores by eating nutrient rich food and supporting your body with medicinal herbs in the form of teas and elixirs.

If you want your hair to grow longer and more quickly, the waxing moon is considered the best time to get it cut.

Products from the Apothecary the Support the Waxing Moon Phase

Moonstone Clay Mask

Rose Quartz Clay Mask

Gut Tea

Stress Elixir

Gut Elixir

Full Moon


Powerful and expressive is the energy of the full moon. We may be feeling more emotionally and physically vulnerable than usual, especially if we’re not taking good care of ourselves. Because of such, it is most important to consider what you’re putting on your skin as the moon’s energy suggests it will be most readily absorbed.

If your skincare routine is a little inconsistent, this is the best time to give your skin more TLC when it comes to moisturising and hydrating. It’s also the best time to attack the dry body skin that is otherwise neglected. It can also be quite a high energy time, so ensuring you’re minimising stress and support your bodies adrenals will be reflected in your skin.

Products from the Apothecary that Support the Full Moon Phase

Rose Quartz Face and Body Balm

Nourishing Face Serum

Stress Elixir

Relaxing Herbal Steam

Rose Quartz Face Cream

Citrine Face Cream

Waning Moon


As the waning moon comes into power, we can take an exhale and begin to release and slow down after the full moon. The energetics of the waning moon will also support us to release and remove what is excessive making this a great time to exfoliate and deeply clean the skin and the body.

This is also a time to let the skin breathe which is especially important during the colder months, when it’s constantly restricted with our layers of clothing. To enhance the self and body cleansing, you might want to consider dry body brushing and waxing or other hair removal. Being fresh and clean also means wearing less makeup and allowing your true beauty to shine through.

Products from the Apothecary that Support the Waning Moon Phase

Moonstone Cleanser

Citrine Face Scrub

Liver Tea

Detox Elixir

Skin Elixir

Decongestant Steam

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