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Summer time seems to be the perfect season to give our bodies a fresh start.

The long winter months can sometimes leave us feeling a little less energetic and sluggish, which can manifest in our bodies in a number of ways.

A good indication of how we may be feeling inside, is our skin, which may show up looking dull, lifeless and blemish prone.

Other symptoms which may indicate that your body is in need of a little TLC may show up as;

Feeling bloated

Food cravings

Resistance to weight loss



If you have noticed a few of the above ailments creeping up on you, it may be your body’s way of saying its detox time!

The word detox can be a bit of an overwhelming concept and is notoriously know as an extreme way of ridding your body of toxins that may have been building up over a number of months or even years. But fear not, a detox doesn’t need to be extreme or a way of punishing yourself. Think of it more as a way of giving yourself a boost, to uplift your mind body and soul.

For some, a regimented detox/cleanse works wonders, but for others it may just add to your lifelessness.

It’s all about individuality and taking on a positive approach to helping your body on it’s way to better health and wellbeing. So, do what’s best for you!

We do although have a few helpful tips to help you on your way.

Start the day with lemon and water and keep hydrated throughout the day.

Eat an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Focus on wholegrains/legumes and pseudocereals along with organic grass fed and sustainable sources of meat/fish.

Limit dairy consumption, you may find that too much dairy can aggravate certain conditions. Alternatively, some individuals find goat/sheep dairy a little easier for their body’s to digest. But if you would like to try eliminating dairy for a little while, there are a host of beautiful alternatives to dairy, such as nut milks/butters/spreads that may just hit the spot.

Eat healthy fats from a range of sources such as omega 3 rich fish, nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil or ghee.

Drink cleansing herbal teas such as green tea, nettle or dandelion.

Personalised powders/tinctures or foods seen to be higher in antioxidants such as superfoods, may also give you an extra little boost or help your body recover from certain ailments.

The Daylesford Apothecary Skin Tea has been formulated by a qualified Naturopath using herbs traditionally known to reduce inflammation and clear toxins and impurities.

Cut out processed food or food/beverages containing refined sugar.

Feed your gut with fermented foods/probiotic rich foods.

Move in a way that makes you feel energised and puts a spring in your step. This may be in the form of dancing/swimming/yoga/walks in nature.

Surround yourself with friends and family that make you smile!

We love the thought of gently encouraging and easing our bodies into a lifelong journey of health and wellbeing…always remember to listen to and honour your bodies needs.

Wishing you well on your journey to feeling your best!

D from the Miche Sisters x

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