PSA: Mercury Retrograde is here

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

PSA: Backup your hard drive.… Mercury goes retrograde today.

As Mercury moves through the sign of sensitive, intuitive and dreamy Pisces, our compassionate, creative and spiritual side will come forward and take the lead until the 10th of March.

There is much to be said about the doom and gloom of Mercury Retrograde being in Pisces, the sign that governs our communication and travel. So, here are a few tips to help you move through and access the lessons this retrograde is here to provide us with:

Listen to the Intuitive Messages

With this retrograde in the sign of Pisces, our intuition and psychic senses will be supercharged to a whole new level of power. Be on the lookout for signs & messages, tune into your gut feelings and pop a note pad next to your bed to help you remember any dreams you may have at this time.

Commit to Your Own Growth

Retrogrades give us a chance to look inward, it's about healing, breaking old cycles, self improvement and assessing new spaces and levels of self and our energy. Retrograde is an opportunity to reflect upon the energy of the last few months. There certainly has been a lot of challenges that have come our way & now is the time to integrate these learnings to upgrade not only our energy but our lives as we know them.

Sit with what is coming up for you requiring healing and commit to your own personal growth. Whatever is asking for your attention, make the moves to explore this now and process your internet dialogue.

If you do find yourself delayed with travel, re-routed or in a difficult space to communicate; take the opportunity to reflect. Remember that this is an opportunity for your greatest growth masked under the "scary" retrograde mask. Sure there will be situations that are frustrating and out right annoying but having self awareness is the key component to accessing the lessons and gifts each cosmic movement has to offer you.

Be patient and allow the growth to unfold for you, taking the time for reflection and assessment in your stride. It's all part of the process to help you dive deeper into your growth to become the best version of you.

PS.. no really...backup your hard drive.

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