Muladhara Root Chakra

The Muladhara, root or base chakra is our foundational energy centre & responsible for fulfilling our primal needs. This chakra is positioned at the base of the spine and is attributed with the colour red.

The health of our base chakra is truly dependent on our connection with nature, our true home.

Nature provides us with grounding, stability, foundation, nourishment, home and the seat of the divine feminine. When we have a strong connection with nature, including our inner nature and the nature that exists all around us and propels the flow of the world around us, it is likely we will have a strong muladhara chakra.

As mentioned above balanced Root Chakra is characterised by:

A connection to nature and the seasons, trust in the flow of things, in tune with the feminine, nourishment, vitality, giving, grounded, ability to be still & find inner peace, joy, ability to be, at home & at peace.

When the Root Chakra is imbalanced you may experience:

insecurity, disconnect from nature, low energy, depletion of energy, anger, need for constant stimulation, inability to trust, pessimism, resistance, worry about money, lack mindset, feeling unsettled

The way we currently live in the world naturally disrupts our connection to nature, and thus most people would have signs of imabalance. Here are a few ways to bring it back into balance:

- Grow food and plants in your garden

- Find a quiet sit spot in nature and observe it

- Create a compost or worm farm

- Walk barefoot on the eartt

- Eat root vegetables

- Use essential oils and crystals that are grounding

- Embrace your inner feminine

- Find stillness in chaos

- Cultivate a home or space that nourishes your soul

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