New Moon, New Beginnings & Ceremony

At Daylesford Apothecary, we believe there is true power in following the cycles of nature, which is why we've dedicated a large part of our lives understanding the moon + other planets in our solar system. One of our favourite planetary aspects in our beautiful Moon.

The Moon represents divine feminine energy, innate wisdom, intuition and the cycle of death and rebirth. And as the moon is the closest planetary aspect to earth, it holds a powerful influence over us. Our bodies are approximately 60% water which is why you will often see your body being impacted by the moon's pull much the same as the tides in the ocean.

Every 28 days the Moon completes a full cycle around the earth. Each phase of the moons transit has its own set of unique characteristics and intentions which hold a significant meaning as we cycle through our life. We can harness the energy of the Moon to assist us along our own personal path providing us with a deep connection to our truest selves. One of these distinct phases is the New Moon.

The New Moon appears at the beginning of this moon cycle, when the Moon is in conjunction with the sun and therefore not visible from earth. This is a time of rebirth and new beginnings for us on earth, it represents the cyclic rhythm of darkness followed by light. 

The New Moon embraces New Beginning's and manifesting new intentions for the new cosmic cycle.

This phase of the moon provides clarity and a deeper insight into your truest desires, so it makes for a great time to start fresh & plant the seeds of for manifestation.

Use this time of the New moon to set intentions for what you want to call in your current energy but also spend time in stillness and reflection to get clear on what you truly desire.

The New Moon is the most yin phase of the moons cycle, so you will likely feel more drawn to being alone & introspective at this time. It's a wonderful time for self care & doing things just for you so that you can regain your strength to head back out into the world & pursue your desires for the coming cycle.

The New Moon will give you the guidance and the intuitive insight you require to go within, deeply connect with your truest desires and provide you with the energy to bring them to fruition.

A beautiful way to celebrate the New Moon is to create your own ceremony, to truly check in with yourself & correct anything that is leading you away from your happiness. Below are some things you might like to incorporate into your own New Moon ceremony to assist with the birth of your New Beginning.

> Grab your journal and free write on all the desires and New beginnings you wish to call in:

  1. What do you wish to bring into your life in this coming lunar cycle?

  2. Trust the niggle: What niggles or intuitive feelings have you been having? What are they telling you?

  3. How could you better care for yourself this month?

  4. What makes you happiest right now, how can you incorporate more of this into your life?

> Create an affirmation for the month ahead that aligns with your New Beginnings in mind. 

> Create a collection of images to focus your attention on each day, you could create a vision board, a Pinterest board or save some as your phone wallpaper.


> Do an oracle card reading & journal about what this reading means for you right now.

> Meditation for calling in new energy: THIS ONE by Steve Nobel is wonderful.

> Set yourself up with a ritual bath, you might like to include herbs for restoring strength & embracing the feminine. Our Avalon Soak is beautiful for this.

Take care, fill up your cup first & then go and achieve all that you desire because you have everything you need right within you, right now.

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