Super Moon - March 10th 2020

The weight is about to be lifted...

This super full moon in Virgo brings along with it the clear direction we have been searching for. Shortly after the full moon peaks in the sky, Virgos ruling planet Mercury will station directly marking the end of its retrograde. Having these two potent energies lined up back to back allows aspects of life to be illuminated allowing us to see the bigger picture.

This full moon is pressing us to find the balance between our day-today routines, physical health and the need for order with prosperous vision, spiritual alignment, disorder and the infinite path we are aligned to follow. This comes from the combination of our moon in Virgo ruling the tools and techniques we use to deal with everyday life, and the sun in pisces, ruling the tools we use to deal with and embrace our spirituality.

A crisis or sudden awareness may present itself giving us the opportunity to explore the emotional needs, especially within the house where Virgo sits in our natal charts. This moon is the beginning of a new cycle, but before we are able to transition through we need to be thoroughly aware of where all aspects of our lives sit currently.

Now is the time to get to the bottom of those niggling feelings or doubts and then move on.

You will be required to radically accept all that is. Accept your past, your pain, your grief and mistakes as well as the achievements, accomplishments. Accept your natal family, soul family and your unique story so you can move forward. Accepting reality is the key to progress.

This full moon will shed a light on the areas that have been unclear up until now leaving a paper trail to lead you to your resolutions. Take this time to assess your troubled areas or situations that require attention as the clues to your resolution are now showing up.

This energy will highlight our inner strength, wisdom and areas of transformation.

Many of us will be presented with the knowledge of our healing powers. This power may be designed to heal ourselves, the planet, others and the collective consciousness. The innate strengths and abilities, which support this path of healing and transformation, will be illuminated.

During this time of revelations and self discovery, it is an incredibly important time to be looking after your own health and wellbeing. Place high importance on doing what you need to do to ensure you feel good through this time. This could be a simple self care practice, visiting a health specialist or therapist, taking a walk in nature, scheduling a mental health day or a beauty treatment.

This illuminating energy is intense intense energy, so these things are important to ensure that you are aligned and in flow without reacting in a negative way.

Moon Motto:

I accept all that has happened to me in the past and the current circumstances of my life. I accept how things are. I can and will make the changes required, but I acknowledge and accept my current reality. The more I accept, the more answers will find me.

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