Supporting Good Digestion

With Spring upon us, we begin to notice the flowers as they start to bloom, air starts to warm and life starts to creep in all around us. This is a time for creation, growth and evolving into the new inspired version of you. During this period of time we also let go of anything that is weighing us down or holding us back.

You may notice that you’re becoming more energised and spending more time outdoors. Naturally, your body will transition from eating rich, grounding and warming foods towards lighter, more water-filled foods that are easier to digest and keep your energy levels stable.

For many of us, however, this story of digestion may sound unfamiliar. If that’s you, you probably relate more with those people who constantly experience digestive dysfunction. That may look like bloating, cramps, IBS etc. There are many factors in our modern lives that leave us out of touch or in constant struggles with our digestion.

That said, digestion is so important both on a physical and emotional level, and thus it’s important that we work towards healing our digestive system so that we can continue to create, evolve and let go of all that no longer serves us.

Boosting digestion is a process and not something that will happen overnight, so don’t try and change everything at once. Make one or two manageable changes at a time, and ensure they’re easily maintained before changing anything else.

So now, here are some wonderful ways to improve digestion:

  1. Drink warm or room temperature water instead of cold water, which dampens our internal digestive fire, making it more sluggish.

  2. Sip tea with meals instead of water. Digestion begins in the mouth, and drinking water will dilute the digestive acids in your saliva, which will compromise digestion at meal times. Instead, drink water 30 mins before each meal.

  3. Eat Mindfully, without distraction. Focus on chewing and the flavours you’re experiencing. It might also be nice to consider where each piece of food has come from, and thank the earth, the growers and makers for allowing you to experience this meal.

  4. Eat more fibre: Fibre helps regulate blood- sugar levels, appetite, gut flora and intestinal health, all important for weight loss.

  5. 3 tips for fibre intake:

  6. Add a pinch of fibre to everything where possible. A tsp of either psyllium husk, chia seeds or flax seeds per day is an easy and effective way to boost fibre and keep you feeling full.

  7. Leave the peel on fruit + veg as most of the fibre is found in the outer layer. Opt for organic where possible and wash in a vinegar rinse, or natural fruit + veg wash before eating.

  8. Stay away from refined grains and refined sugar as they not only have little nutrition but also form a sticky sludge in the digestive tract that makes it hard for things to move through, accumulating toxins in the body. Instead, switch to wholegrains.

  9. Hydrate: High fibre diets require an increase in hydration as fibre absorbs water. A teaspoon of any of the aforementioned fibres should be accompanied by 250ml water. Aim for 1.5 litres of water per day, with an extra cup (250ml) for each teaspoon of fibre supplement, black tea, coffee, soft drink or glass of alcohol.

  10. Decrease Stress: Do more of what you love, that make you feel good and naturally lower your heart rate. Implement a daily pranayama or meditation practice to clear the mind.

  11. Supplement with Crystals: Solar Plexus strengthening crystals such as Citrine and Sunstone are great for stimulating and nourishing the digestive system.

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