Yoga Flow for the Solar Plexus

A yoga flow for aligning and opening the solar plexus

Preparing our physical and energetic bodies for the powerful energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn, we have put together a core strengthening and solar plexus opening yoga flow that you can do any time, anywhere.

Bring your hands to Matangi Mudra.

Interlace your hands just above your navel. Then extend your middle fingers and touch fingertips together forming a triangle

Focus on your breathing here.

Then take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

Without inhaling, expand and contract the abdomen 5-10 times.

Each time you contract, try to suck the belly in deeply.

Imagine burning away your fears, jealousies, anxiety, and all that does not serve you.

Your extended middle fingers are a channel of clear energy providing space.

Inhale as you arch your back into cow pose, chest extended and forward.

Exhale as you round your back up into cat pose, chin to chest

Repeat for three breaths.

Exhale as you push your hips back into downward dog.

Inhale as you step your feet forward toward your hands. Standing up halfway, palms to shins and spine flat.

Exhale as you fold forward, hands to the earth.

Inhale as you rise to stand in Tadasana.

Come down into Kumbhakasana plank pose, engaging your core which will stimulate your Solar Plexus.

Inhale as you bring your right knee to your right elbow.

Hold here for one breath.

Exhale your right leg back to plank pose

Inhale bring your left leg to your left elbow this time.

Exhale back to plank, and lower down to the earth.

Inhale as you rise up to cobra pose. Palms next to your ribs, elbows next to your body.

Exhale, as you push back into downward dog

Inhale as your right leg rises to three-legged dog

Exhale as you bring your right foot forward between your hands, to a low lunge.

Inhale as your lift your right arm and twist to the right.

Stabilise and ground into your left side, as you rotate your whole body into a side plank. Engage the core here, feeling heat in the solar plexus.

ALTERATION: Lower your bottom knee to the earth

Exhale as you come back to plank pose.

Inhale as you step forward to meet your hands. Slowly rise up to standing.

Engage with your solar plexus, focus on creating warmth in this space of self-worth and abundance.

When you’re ready, make your way back down to downward dog, you may want to complete a vinyasa flow if that is in your practice.

REPEAT the above sequence on the LEFT side this time.

Starting with Anjaneyasana, low plank with a twist to the left side.

From three-legged downward dog

Exhale as you bring your right foot in between your hands at the top of your mat.

Inhale as you rise to crescent lunge.

Exhale as you rotate your upper body to the right.

Inhale as you return to crescent lunge.

Exhale as you shift your torso forward, floating your hands backward to Arrowhead pose.

Inhale as you ground your weight into the right leg and float up into Airplane pose.

Exhale as you bring your feet to feet at the top of your mat.

Inhale as you sweep your arms upward and sit down into chair pose.

From here, REPEAT the above sequence on the LEFT side.

Meeting in chair, slowly lower your hips to the mat, to arrive in boat pose. Engage the core and again, feel the heat in the Solar Plexus.

Exhale as you lower down into low boat pose. Hold here for the inhale.

Exhale as you lower all the way down to the earth. Feel the fire in your core opening and cleansing your solar plexus.

Then come up to a seat.

Come over onto your stomach, for a series of back bends.

Inhale to half locust, lifting arms and chest off the mat, keeping feet planted into the earth.

Exhale to lower.

Inhale again to a full locust, bringing both the chest, arms and legs off the mat this time.

Exhale back down to the earth.

Finally, inhale as you come up to bow pose. Catching hold of your ankles and lifting your chest and legs off the earth.

Fold back to the earth.

Make your way to childs pose for a few breaths, to turn inwards as you prepare for a meditation.

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