12 Days of Daily Guidance, Insights and Activites for actionable change for creating boundaries, rewiring your self talk & upgrading your relationships so that you can live with more joy & encourage others to follow your lead.


When you're going through a difficult period, or you find that the energies surrounding you are heightened or tense, emotions are likely to become unsettled. Naturally, at a time like this the shadow self is much more likely to show up and express itself in undesired ways.⁠ ✨🍃
🌈🌻Have you recently noticed heightened emotions in yourself, or maybe in those around you? When emotions are heightened, they are easily destabilised into feelings of overwhelm, resistence, difficulty or just general negativity. When moments like this arise, it is highly likely that the shadow self will show up and express itself in undesired ways. If you're feeling a little flat, uninspired, burnt out or emotionally affected by what’s going on around you. It's completely natural, but also actionable. ⁠💦🌱

So, to support you through this period of & any future negativity that arises, we have created a 🌈12 DAY ENERGETIC DETOX CHALLENGE 🌈 which includes⁠ 12 Days of Guidance and Daily Activities to provide you with actionable steps to transform your personal and interpersonal relationships.



As part of these 12 days, we recommend creating a daily ritual as part of each challenge. Sit down in a sacred space, put on some soothing music, light a candle or incense and work through the challenge for that day. 💖


The bravest & most selfless thing is to reach out for help and support, so please contact us through the website or on any of our socials for guidance or a good chat.


We hope you love our guide & feedback is always greatly appreciateed too. 

12 Day Energetic Detox Challenge