Call in an abundance of wealth into your reality with this manifestation ritual:


Expand your energetic field, inspire creativity and create an abundant life. When we allow our imaginations to run wild, we open ourselves to recieving all  that we desire. Whether it’s  money, love, creativity or pleasure abundance is just a ceremony away.


This ceremony is best done on the first Thursday following the New Moon.



Abundance Ceremony: The Complete Kit

  • Included in the Kit

    Each of these sacred items are hand crafted with herbal, spiritual and energetic knowledge. Within this ceremony, they work synergistically to  clear any blockages or past contracts that may hinder your progress and raise your vibration so that abundance can flow effortlessly.

    Gold Candle

    Citrine Crystal

    Abundance Charcoal Incense

    Anointing Oil

    A Flower Essence

    Affirmation Card

    Blank Cheque

    A detailed ceremony guide for using all of the above