The ultimate sensual experience, this woodsy scented bath soak is abundant with mineral salts and essential oils that purify and enhance the skin. The antioxidant rich florals of Hibiscus and Juniper Berry are natural skin repairers with anti-ageing properties. 


Bathing in the power of Black Tourmaline crystal essence adds a beautiful spiritual experience to your soak. A crystal used for energetic cleansing, and shielding off negativity, the presence of black tourmaline provides the perfect space to cleanse your chakras and release negative energies.


Black Tourmaline Bath Soak

  • Ingredients

    Magnesium Chloride:

    Pink Himalayan Salt:

    Activated Charcoal: Wonderful for removing impurities from the physical body and negative from ones auric field.

    Hibiscus Flowers: These beautiful bold flowers are well known to benefit the heart and the blood flow as well as reducing stress and inflammation in the body. Energetically hibiscus assists the root and sacral chakras, providing strength and supporting the feminine energies.

    Essential Oils of:

    Clary Sage: An amazing oil traditionally used to soothe the nerves, and promotes lightness within the body. It also balances oil production in the hair and skin which brings out the inner glow of the goddess.

    Sandalwood: A grounding oil that anoints one with a sense of emotional renewal. It is also great for cleansing, soothing and tightening the skin.

    Cedarwood: Beautifully grounding and warming for the body to calm the body and remove blockages and negative energy.

    Frankincense: A highly revered plant and oil, most notably for it's ability to benefit the body down to a deep cellular level, healing the physical and energetic bodies and instilling an overall calm and rejuvination

    Black Tourmaline Crystal Essence

  • Properties of Black Tourmaline

    The ultimate protector, mystical black tourmaline supports your auric field by shielding against the negative energies so that you can remain calm and grounded in your power. This crystal forcefield clears and absorbs negative energies from within your subtle body to prevent against the physical manifestations that may occur as a result of accumulated stressors.

    This energy cleanser is also ideal for enforcing energetic boundaries with others whilst giving yourself space to release anything that is holding you back.


  • A Ritual

    Run yourself a warm bath and pour 1/2 cup of your soak into the water, allowing the salts to dissolve.

    Elevate the powerful protective and space holding energy of black tourmaline through your own ceremony to let go and clear the negativity.

    You might like to think of something you need to release. Then close your eyes and bring this into your minds eye. Imagine burning or cutting your cords from this person, experience, thought or state. Allow it to dissolve, burn or float awa as you breathe.

    Then get grounded in your presence, feel the space you have created for yourself, and within this space commit to moving forward and starting fresh.