Warm, woodsy and sensual, this black tourmaline infused body scrub will elevate your self-care practises. The combination of mineral salts, Australian white clay and activated charcoal are designed to provide a deep skin detoxification and re-mineralisation. Antioxidant rich hibiscus and juniper berries anoint the skin with skin plumping and anti-ageing benefits.


Elevated by the energy cleansing and properties of Black tourmaline, this scrub is the perfect way to cleanse impurities and negative energy from the body and the mind. 

Black Tourmaline Body Scrub

  • Ingredients

    Himalyan Pink Salt, Australian White Clay, Activated Charcoal, Safflower oil, Hibiscus, Juniper berries, essential oils of Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Black Tourmaline Crystal Essence


  • Properties of Black Tourmaline

    The ultimate protector, mystical black tourmaline supports your auric field by shielding against the negative energies so that you can remain calm and grounded in your power. This crystal forcefield clears and absorbs negative energies from within your subtle body to prevent against the physical manifestations that may occur as a result of accumulated stressors.

    This energy cleanser is also ideal for enforcing energetic boundaries with others whilst giving yourself space to release anything that is holding you back.

  • Rituals

    An ideal ritual to establish at the end of a difficult period and a way to mark a fresh start.

    Begin by taking a small haandful of soak and rubbing in circular motions over the skin, avoiding sensitive areas.

    Allow the oils to soak into the skin before washing off with warm water or taking a bath or shower.

    During this process, you may also want to do a cord cutting visualisation, whereby you visualise your energetic cords to other people and situations being cut. This helps to release energy that is not yours and come back to your truth.