Cleanse your chakras and protect your aura from negative energies with the forcefield energy of Black tourmaline. Imbued in the floral water of Clary sage, a wondrous nerve tonic and energy soothing herb, the energy cleansing Black Tourmaline crystal is perfectly matched.


Spritz this beautiful mist over your face and body to reap the cleansing benefits or create a deeper practice by visualising the release of negative energies as the mist settles and lightness fills your aura. A true act of magic.

Black Tourmaline Face & Body Spray

  • Ingredients

    Clary Sage Floral Water, Black Tourmaline Crystals


  • Properties of Black Tourmaline

    The ultimate protector, mystical black tourmaline supports your auric field by shielding against the negative energies so that you can remain calm and grounded in your power. This crystal forcefield clears and absorbs negative energies from within your subtle body to prevent against the physical manifestations that may occur as a result of accumulated stressors.

    This energy cleanser is also ideal for enforcing energetic boundaries with others whilst giving yourself space to release anything that is holding you back.

  • Rituals

    Spritz over your face and body whenever you need to clear any negativity, create space in chaos and cut energetic cords to begin afresh.