Our Citrine Clay mask is formulated on a base of Australian yellow clay which works to draw toxins out of the pores and even out skin tone by remineralising the skin, leaving it soft and bright. This all natural formula is also infused with the vibrant essential oils of sweet orange, lemon and sandalwood which cleanse, soothe and brighten the skin as well as the emotions.



Youthful | Sensitive Skin | Evens Skin Tone | Brightens Complexion



Self Esteem | Inspires Joy | Emotional Clarity | Manifestation

Citrine Clay Mask

  • Face Mask Ritual

    Mix a teaspoon of Citrine clay mask with your choice of liquid such as a floral water, aloe vera gel, raw honey or natural yoghurt and blend into a paste. Apply to skin using a brush or clean fingers avoiding the eye area and other areas of sensitivity.

    Allow the mix to set for 5 – 10 minutes, a perfect time to fill up your self-compassion gauge. Give yourself a body massage with a nourishing body oil, do a little meditation or pranayama (breathing) exercise, or brew yourself a tea and sip without distraction.

    Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Follow up with a face cleanser or exfoliant scrub for best results, then replenish your skin with a moisture barrier by following with a serum & face cream.

  • Properties of Citrine


    Ideal for sensitive, youthful skin and gentle on sensitive or stress-related skin conditions. Stone of the solar plexus, Citrine helps to heal skin that is afflicted with symptoms of stress by reducing toxicity and improving the digestion for a brighter complexion.



    On an energetic level, our Citrine skincare works to boost self esteem and encourages self expression, a shift which is particularly impressionable on a younger vibration. The essence of Citrine works subconsciously to inspire emotional clarity, illuminating self-limiting thought patterns in order for more positive shifts to take place.

  • Ingredients

    Australian Yellow Clay

    Essential oils of: Sweet Orange, Lemon and Sandalwood

    Citrine Crystal Essence