Connect with your higher being


Expand your consciousness & tune into the energy of the cosmos with this expansive ceremmony. When you’re ready to take the leap towards something greater this ritual will allow you to strengthen your intuition & communication with your guides, and thus a true faith in the workings of the universe. 


Preferably done on a Monday or on the full moon.


Connection Ceremony: The Complete Kit

  • Included in this Ceremony

    Each of these tools are hand crafted with herbal, spiritual and energetic knowledge. Within this ceremony, they work synergistically to cleanse any blockages and enhance our connection to ourselves, our soul family and the universe.

    Silver Candle 

    Flower Essence 

    Clear Quartz crystal 

    5 Elements card

    Herbal Tea

    Connection Incense

    Journal prompts 

    Ceremony guide for how to use each of these