Expand your potential, inspire creativity and create an abundant life with this ceremony. When we allow our imaginations to run wild, we open ourselves to recieving all that we desire. Whether it’s money, love, creativity or pleasure abundance is just a ceremony away.


RRP: $18


Abundance Ceremony (Introductory Kit)

  • The Ritual

    To begin, light the candle & incense to create a space just for you. Allow the smoke to fill your sacred space & call in abundant energy.

    Run yourself a bath & pour in 1/2 cup of the bath soak.

    Whilst the soak is dissolving, give yourself a full body massage with body oil. 

    Allow the oil to soak & then hop into the bath.

    Hold your citrine crystal in your hands & close your eyes. Tune in and channel where you’d love more abundance in your life. It could be money, creativity, love, pleasure or freedom. Then create a present-state intention i.e.‘I have an abundance of money’. Place this intention into you crystal.

    Once you’ve finished bathing, take 7 drops of your floral essence, this will clear out any energetic blockages that are keeping you from abundance. 

    Carry your Citrine with you and repeat your abundant intention daily & watch the magic happen.

  • Includes

    White Sage Bundle: For cleansing negative energy

    Palo Santo: For bringing in positive energy

    Citrine Crystal: For embodying abundance

    An Affirmation & Ritual