This liver loving elixir is designed with nutrient rich herbs that are traditionally used to detoxify the body in a nourishing way. Supporting organs responsible for both stages of detoxification, this nutrient rich blend of herbs is packed with essential nutrients to feed healthy a liver and lymphs as well as ultratives to cleanse the blood. As detoxing can be an emotional time, these wonderful herbs also work synergistically to balance mood and pacify any anger that may arise during this process.



This powdered elixir is formulated by a naturopath and works synergistically to:

  • Nourish the liver and kidneys to bind toxins and excess stress hormones
  • Promotes circulation and stagnancy to flush out toxins 
  • Clean the blood for complete body detoxification



Detox Elixir

  • How to Consume

    For optimal healing, we recommend consuming 1tsp of this elixir daily. Add to water, smoothies and juices or sprinkle this supple skin elixir over porridge or yoghurt to reap all the benefits. 

    To enhance the benefits of the Detox Elixir, we recommend taking it alongside our Skin elixirto most effectively nourish the organs responsible for detoxification with the result of a healthy glowing complexion.


  • Ingredients

    Chicory: In nature, the blooming chicory flower marks the end of summer and when consumed, literally prepares ones body for its inner autumn of cooling and drying by providing moisture and fluids to the glands and organs for a smooth flow. This digestive tonic is also known to nourish the liver, boosting detoxification and in turn balancing hormones.

    Dandelion Root: From within the root of the Dandelion, this tonic herb is full of essential nutrients for healthy hormones and flourishing liver. Working to help the liver bind excess hormones and toxins within the body, Dandelion is excellent for detoxification and hormone balance. 

    St Mary’s Thistle: Often referred to as Milk Thistle, this bitter tonic bestows health to the liver cells so that it is able to effectively expel toxins from the body. 

    Burdock: A root of vitality and superior liver-support, its medicines prove most beneficial in the later stages of detoxification; particularly in the expulsion of toxins through the intestines and kidneys.

    Beetroot: This nutrient dense red root is an all round health booster. Beyond full-body nourishment, it’s antioxidant super powers work to detoxify the liver and assist in healthy digestion.

    Ginger: The warming properties of this humble root work to enhance circulation in the body, reducing congestion or stagnation. This stimulation works wonders on the digestive system; relieving gas and intestinal movement.