A Naturopathic anti-fungal cream infused with herbs and essential oils traditionally used to fight off bacteria & fungal infections as well as strengthen the skin. Our Fungi cream treats an extensive range of fungal infections of the skin including:


  • Athletes foot
  • Jock itch
  • Ringworm
  • Yeast infections
  • Candida

Fungi Cream

  • Ingredients

    • Vitamin E Cream: A natural base designed to boost the skins natural moisture to feed healthy skin cells. 
    • Echinacea: Immune enhancing, fighting off bacteria & infection on the skin
    • Thuja: Full of anti-viral & anti-bacterial, notably renowned for fighting off warts
    • Poke Root: Anti-bacterial tincture that strengthens skin tissue & boosts defence against infections

    Essential Oils

    • Thyme: A potent anti-viral which cleanses and purifies the skin from pathogens
    • Tea Tree: Soothes aches, pains and cleanses against bacteria & impurities
    • Lemongrass: Prevents bacterial and microbial growth on the skin, helps to heal wounds and deodorises.
    • Oregano: High in bacteria fighting antioxidants to eliminate infection