Soothe irritable digestion and create a gut-loving paradise with this cooling and nourishing herbal elixir. Traditionally used for their gut healing benefits, these herbs work synergistically to line the gut whilst calming digestive distress, and ensuring optimal absorption of nutrients is allowed. Once the gut is re-calibrated, the body is able to self-heal.


This powdered elixir is formulated by a naturopath and works synergistically to:

  • Provide nourishment to regulate the gut lining and alkalinity of the digestive tract
  • Reduce heat and inflammation, to soothe pain and bloating
  • Ensure optimal assimilation of nutrients through healing imbalances

Gut Elixir

  • How to Consume

    Add a spoonful to water, smoothies and juices or sprinkle this supple skin elixir over porridge or yoghurt to reap all the benefits. 

    For enhanced benefits, we recommend taking this Gut Elixir alongside our Stress Elixir as the two are so closely related. Stress on the body greatly impacts the health of the gut, and thus it is important to calm the nervous system and nourish deficiencies that result from stress. 

  • Ingredients

    Aloe Vera: Defined by its ability to cool heat and reduce inflammation within the body, particularly in the digestive system - allowing for smooth processing. As a natural healer, Aloe also aids the body by stimulating tissue cell turnover allowing for more efficient cell production. 

    Chamomile: A calming floral, Chamomile is known for unwinding the nervous system and in turn soothing the organs, including the gut, to allow for a state of healing.

    Fennel: Soothing Fennel improves the bodies digestion and assimilation of food to enhance energy production. It is particularly savvy at digesting fatty foods to reduce sluggishness.

    Marshmallow: Hydrating marshmallow is a super gut soother, ensuring the lining of the digestive system is well maintained. It is also a perfect aid to aid indigestion, and its anti-inflammatory benefits work body-wide.

    Nettle: A jack of all trades, Nettle nourishes and tones tissues, muscles, arteries and skin by and also works to cleanse toxins from the body and enhance energy production through digestion.

    Slippery Elm: As the name suggests Slippery Elm is a powerful herb in moistening and increasing flow of fluids in all areas of the body it comes into contact with. With moist, anti-acidic properties it also ideal for clearing inflammation and indigestion.