Imparting their medicinal benefits to nourish all bodily systems, this elixir is comprised of wonderful herbs traditionally used to heat the bodies internal fire whilst regulating your desire for excess sugar. By nourishing your entire body with the nutrients it really needs, an excessive desire for sugar is subdued and the body is sustained to let go of what no longer serves you.


This powdered elixir is formulated by a naturopath and works synergistically to:

  • Regulate blood glucose levels and reduce sugar dependency
  • Nourish organs such as the thyroid, responsible for regulating satiety hormones
  • Stimulate the internal fire to ensure optimal energy production and uptake

Metabolism Elixir

  • How to Consume

    To reap optimal benefits, we recommend taking 1tsp daily. Add to water, smoothies and juices or sprinkle this supple skin elixir over porridge or yoghurt to reap all the benefits.

    Enhance healing by pairing the Metabolism Elixir with the Sleep Elixir to mutually regulate the circadian rhythms within the body so that it is supported to cease behaviours that no longer serve it. The body then learns to re-regulate itself and is free to ask for what it truly needs.

  • Ingredients

    Cinnamon: With its naturally stimulating properties, this warming spice works to regulate blood glucose and increase insulation sensitivity for stable energy levels and a more reactive metabolism. Loaded with antioxidants, cinnamon has also been shown to have powerful inflammation fighting properties to keep the body youthful. 

    Gymnea: A particularly powerful plant when it comes to sugar metabolism, Gymnea works to reduce sugar cravings, by blocking sugar taste receptors, thus stabilising blood glucose levels.

    Green Tea: Full of antioxidants that fight inflammation and speed up the bodies resting metabolic rate to clear stagnant energy in the body. 

    Licorice: This sweet root, is brilliant for soothing internal irritation and inflamed tissues as well as calming mental aggravation, inducing a sense of peace and calm. In Chinese Medicine, Licorice is widely used to harmonise the energy meridians of the body, normalising the function of glands and organs.

    Peppermint: Cooling and drying, peppermint is an excellent remedy for removing phlegm and congestion as well as relaxing blood vessels and muscle cramps. As a powerful medicinal herb, Peppermint is also used to fight pathogens and mould in the body.