Allowing the body a chance to unwind and resettle this bath soak is full of detoxifying salts, powerful herbs and potent essential oils such as Withania, Calendula, Chamomile and Bergamot naturopathically tailored to rebalance the hormones and calm the immune and nervous systems to allow for a deep exhale and settled mind. Return to your day to day life more relaxed and adaptable to the everyday stressors.

Mummy Soak

  • Bathing Rituals

    Immerse yourself in a luxuriating bath to cleanse your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Using 1/2 a cup of your Bath Soak in warm water, allow the salts to absorb and oils to release and indulge your senses in this bliss. Take deep breaths to allow yourself to relax and release any unwanted thoughts and energy that you are holding on to.

  • Ingredients

    Epsom Salt & Himalayan Salts to remineralise & increase uptake of herbs into the body

    Calendula: Soothes Inflammation and Heals the skin

    Witch Hazel: Tones and softens the skin & reduces pore size

    Withania: Also known as Ashwaganda, it balances hormones, cleans toxins from the blood and calms the body. 

    Chamomile: A herb for all mothers, a master for soothing and calming


    Essential Oils of:

    Lavender: Relaxes the muscles, lifts mood and calms the mind and body

    Bergamot: Boosts mood, relieves nervous tension and digestive issues

    Geranium: Decreases fluid retention and brings out your inner glow

    Roman Chamomile: Balances mood disorders and calms the body