A formulation of pure essential oils blended to relax & harmonise the body and spirit during weeks 20 - 40 of pregnancy and post-partum. Blend with a high quality carrier oil & massage into tight or sore muscles and skin to provide relief. 


When applying to the skin, blend a few drops of this oil with a light and skin nourishing oil such as Grapeseed or Jojoba before massaging into the skin.


The skin is a super absorber, and whatever is applied to it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and to some extent into breastmilk. For this reason, the quality of essential oils is most important to us.

Pregnancy Essential Oil

  • Pregnancy Oil Rituals

    This oil can be used in several ways:

    • Blend with a high quality carrier oil such as grapeseed or jojoba and massage into sore, tight muscles & skin - avoiding any sensitive areas
    • Add a few drops into the bath and allow the oils to infuse into the. water as you bathe. Ensure that the water is a little cooler than normal whilst pregnant
    • Diffuse a couple of drops in your diffuser or oil burner when you need to find some stillness amongst the unpredictable energies & stress that pregnancy can bring. 


  • Ingredients:

    Essential Oils of:

    • Lavender: This bright floral aroma brings with it many soothing benefits to decrease stress, anxiety and help with a peaceful night sleep. This potent oil also holds anti-bacterial properties which make it perfect for cleansing any irriated areas. 
    • Sandalwood: A holy herb, commonly used in meditation, Sandalwood is a grounding essence that anoints one with a sense of emotional renewal. It’s sweet woody notes also bring with it anti-viral properties particularly on the skin; which act to cleanse, soothe and tighten skin.
    • Patchouli: Patchouli is a luxurious feminine oil known to evoke feelings of peace and sensuality. This delightful tonic also helps with the bodies natural detoxifying processes; reducing inflammation and cleansing the blood and organs. Patchouli is also masterful in promoting glowing goddess skin.

    30ml pure essential oil