Elevate your bathing experience with this high vibrational Rose Quartz infused bath soak. A blend of magnesium salt to nourish and repair the body is delicately scented with our Rose Quartz essential Oil Blend to lift the mood, calm the body and tap into a higher energetic state of self love. Topped off with rose petals, you'll feel like a true goddess in this bathing ritual. 



Rose Quartz Bath Soak

  • Properties of Rose Quartz

    A source of pure love, Rose Quartz helps to open up the heart chakra so that love can flow in abundance. Ideal for cultivating self love and a love for others, this crystal has a beautiful energy that supports the release of fears, dissolve emotional barriers and help mend a broken heart.



    • Attracts love and positive relationships
    • Releases fears and worries
    • Restores confidence & self compassion
    • Overall Harmony & Happiness



    • Aids chances of fertility
    • Improves vertigo symptoms
    • Soothes burns and abrasions
    • Strengthens the circulatory system
    • Unlocks impurities of the body fluids.
  • Ingredients

    Purified Aqua: Purified Water 

    Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

    Cocos Nucifera: Organic Coconut Oil

    Glycerin: Organic vegetable oil derived from soy & maze that actively cleanses

    Behenyl Alcohol: Non toxic, plant derived thickening agent, that keeps water & oils from separating.

    Glyceryl Stearate Citrate: Naturally rapeseed derived fatty acid that helps keep the skin moisturised & protected

    Glycerol Monolaurate: Naturally occuring fatty acid from corn & coconut oil that protects the skin against bacteria & viruses

    Organic Beeswax

    Butyrospermum Parki: Organic Shea Butter

    Phenoxyethanol: Nature identical preservative for gentle skin, to give your product a longer life

    Essential Oils of: Peru Balsam, Mandarin, Patchouli, Rosewood

    Rose Quartz Crystal Essence