Crafted from a base of all natural Australian Pink clay which remineralises the skin without drying or drawing out moisture, our Rose Quartz infused clay mask is the perfect choice for more sensitive skin types.


Medicinal Properties: 

Our Rose Quartz skincare helps to fortify skin cells & stimulates circulation to skin tissues to smooth fine lines and rejuvenate dry, tired skin. Cooling in nature, it evens out redness, inflammation and helps to remedy burns and blistering.


Energetic Properties:

Drawing from divine love, our Rose Quartz range helps to open the heart to love for self-compassion and kindness to others. Subconsciously the infusion of Rose Quartz aids in releasing unexpressed emotions, heartache so that worry and fear can depart and make way for unconditional love.

Rose Quartz Clay Mask

  • Face Mask Ritual

    Mix a teaspoon of our Rose Quartz clay mask with your choice of liquid such as a floral water, aloe vera gel, raw honey or natural yoghurt and blend into a paste. Apply to skin using a brush or clean fingers avoiding the eye area and other areas of sensitivity.

    Allow the mix to set for 5 - 10 minutes, a perfect time to fill up your self-compassion gauge. Give yourself a body massage with a nourishing body oil, do a little meditation or pranayama (breathing) exercise, or brew yourself a tea and sip without distraction.

    Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Follow up with a face cleanseror exfoliant scrubfor best results, then replenish your skin with a moisture barrier by following with a serum& face cream.

  • Properties of Rose Quartz

    About Rose Quartz: A source of pure love, Rose Quartz helps to open up the heart chakra so that love can flow in abundance. Ideal for cultivating self love and a love for others, this crystal has a beautiful energy that supports the release of fears, dissolve emotional barriers and help mend a broken heart.



    • Attracts love and positive relationships
    • Releases fears and worries
    • Restores confidence & self compassion
    • Overall Harmony & Happiness



    • Aids chances of fertility
    • Improves vertigo symptoms
    • Soothes burns and abrasions
    • Strengthens the circulatory system
    • Unlocks impurities of the body fluids
  • Ingredients

    Australian Pink Clay

    Essential Oils of: Peru Balsam, Mandarin, Patchouli, Rosewood

    Rose Quartz Crystal Essence