Our self love ceremony is designed to help to connect back to your heart and honour your physical and emotional body. When we realign with our heart, all the resistance falls away and life returns to flow.



RRP: $18

Self Love Ceremony (Introductory Kit)

  • The Ritual

    To begin, light the candle & incense to create a space just for you.

    Run yourself a bath & pour in 1/2 cup of the bath soak.

    Whilst the soak is dissolving, give yourself a full body massage with body oil. Express love for your body.

    Allow the oil to soak in for a moment & then hop into the  bath.

    Take your Rose Quartz crystal & place it over your heart. Then close down your eyes & tune into your heart. Ask it  what it needs right now & listen without judgement.

    Spend your bathing time in true connection with your heart, don’t let your mind take over.

    Once out of the bath, take 7 drops of your flower essence for deeper energetic clearance.

    Then in front of the mirror, take the affirmation card  & repeat it back to yourself. Look yourself deep into your eyes and truly feel the emotion of loving yourself here.

    Blow out your candle to close the ceremony.

  • Includes

    White Sage Bundle: For cleansing negative energy

    Palo Santo: For bringing in positive energy

    Rose Quartz Crystal: For embodying self love energy

    An Affirmation & Ritual