Achy Tea

Achy Tea

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A remedy for inflamed joints and sore muscles, this nurturing blend of herbs are traditionally used to dissolve stagnant energy through warming; a cause of stiff joints and tight muscles as well as to fight inflammation and promote repair of tissues for overall pain reduction and lifting the spirit. 


Nettle, St John’s Wort, Turmeric Root, Ginger Root


Physical Body


Energetic Body


Iron rich to nourish the blood. Provides nourishment and healing to the organs and connective tissue 

Dispelling darkness and fear and aiding in will and ability to deal with difficulties
St John's Wort
Nervine tonic, helps with nerve pain and irritation caused from the nervous system

Psychic protection and holes in ones aura. Illuminates the soul and emotions

Turmeric Root

Inflammation fighter; reducing joint and muscle pain and permitting long term vitality in the body.

Energetic healing and promotes success


Warming and circulation stimulating; bringing blood to the the muscles and tissues to promote healing

Promotes self confidence and sensuality. Helps with processing emotions.