Morning Sickness Tea

Morning Sickness Tea

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Designed and handcrafted using herbs traditionally known to help alleviate nausea by warming the digestive system, moving stagnancy and relaxing the nerves and organs.



Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Nettle, Ginger, Chamomile


Physical Body


Energetic Body


Cools inflammation and helps with chronic digestive problems, bloating and gas

Cools an aggravated mind and wonderful healer

Lemon Balm

For vitality and liver-support. as well as expulsion of toxins from liver and kidneys.

Karmic balancing, understanding what you're here to do


Nettle nourishes and tones tissues and organs. High in iron for supporting blood and nutritional deficiencies

Dispelling darkness and fear whilst strengthening will


Warming and circulation stimulating; reduces nausea 

Promotes self confidence and sensuality. Helps with processing emotions.

Calming and restorative to the nervous system
Inner peace and introspection