Hayfever Tea

Hayfever Tea

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This blend of nourishing herbs and traditionally used to fight environmental allergens and symptoms of hayfever. Cooling and drying, many of these herbs  such as Eyebright, Licorice and Albizia help to relieve symptoms of hay fever whilst their counterparts bind and neutralise the allergens to efficiently expel them from the body.



Elderflower, Rosehip, Peppermint, Echinacea, Ginger, Albizia, Eyebright, Licorice


Physical Body


Energetic Body


 Helps to inhibit infection and increases the number of immune cells in the bone marrow to fight off unwanted pathogens. 

protection against negativity and promotion of inner wisdom
Abundant in antioxidants and vitamin C to strengthen the bodies defence systems 

Prosperity, fertility and luck


Cooling and calming inflammation caused from allergies

Cleanses physical body and all the chakras.


Immune system enhancing; aids with acute infections and symptoms of cold and flu

Releases negative energy  and raises one's vibration


Warming and circulation stimulating; bringing blood to the the muscles and tissues to promote healing

Promotes self confidence and sensuality. Helps with processing emotions.

Albizia Antiallergenic that aids with symptoms of hay fever and asthma Calms the spirit and evokes happiness
Eyebright Natures antihistamine particularly for symptoms of the eye area

For clarity of spiritual sight and truth. Seeing what you are unwilling to see

Licorice Anti-inflammatory and aids with respiratory symptoms of hay fever including asthma 

Deep emotional release. Assists with the fear and anger that may arise.